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      OK, I'm going to try very hard to stick with my "don't act like a dumb moron who has nothing better to do and attack the dumb moron who has nothing to do" philosophy:

      I've noticed you really want to start a ruckus in these forums. Why? Do you have Non-Americans? I'll shout it to the world:

      I AM HINDU, I WORSHIP COWS, I AM VEGETARIAN. My mom wears one of those 'red dots'. Lemme tell you something about that red dot. (btw, I'm sorry if one of you guys wrote this earlier, I am on the verge of breaking out...) It is symbolization of MArriage. I mean a marriage that does not end up in divorce. A marriage that will almost definatly succeed. The dot (and I want you to read this part real slow, who knows, you may understand it!) is actually a powder, which is called a bhindi in the North and Pottu (PO pronounced like the pu in put, and ttu like the tu in tutankhamen-wait maybe you don't know too much about Egyptian cultures either!) in the South.

      Check up on facts before you insult my country. I agree India has its faults. However, to make jokes on my culture is one step too far.

      By the way, JeffM, good luck- you'll probably need it alot in this forum!

      I also have two flags-and I cheer for both.
      Bharat ki Jai!
      God bless America


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        I haven't seen jeff round here in a couple of days, so either:

        A) he finally discovered that we really don't value his opinions anymore (rather unlikely)


        B) someone took note of my suggestion and gave him the boot...

        either way, good riddence to bad rubbish


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          Nobody has taken note of any "delete user" suggestions, although I've received quite a few.

          Honestly, I have seen pretty inflamatory opinions posted by both sides, but (unlike another site), I am not going to get into the business of censoring personally held opinions.

          Don't like what someone else has to say? Don't read it, don't respond, or preferably, both.

          We're all adults (or close to it) here. You don't need to be coddled, or sheltered.

          The personal attacks (again, from both sides) are beginning to border on ridiculous, however, and need to be stopped.

          As I've said a thousand times at the other forum I moderate, attack the argument, not the person.
          Trump is an idiot!
          Vote Democrats!!


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            Thanks for backing me on this Chris, but I really don't need it. I'll tell jokes about anything I want, any time I want and if they don't like it. Oh well, they can piss and moan all they want.

            Chris you'll be getting an email from me asking to delete my account and remove my photos. Nothing against you. I just do not want to be associated with these low life, third world, "people". All the requests I get from here are usually just people wanting stuff for free, or are just waisting my time.



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              Jeff, instead of moaning around here, can you perhaps answer a question for me?

              I see you are from Denver, so do you know why LX 41 LAX-ZRH made a stop in Denver today? Arrived here with 4 hrs delay? Could not find anything why it went down at Denver.