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    The way I am approaching my quickly approaching checkride is that if I have soloed and during dual flights, if my instructor says very little, than I am good to go on the flying part. I am shooting for perfection on the flying section as well.

    The oral I don't expect to be too bad as I did very well on the written. What I have been told about our local FSDO is that if you do well on the written, the oral shouldn't be that bad. In addition, I know they are not looking for perfection in the oral, if you answer most questions and know were to find the ones you are shaky on, I think I will do fine.


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      Originally posted by screaming_emu
      Hey Mike, as you are flying out of BWI, I was wondering if you have heard anything on Capitol Air Services. They fly out of Tipton and Bay Bridge Airport. Bay Bridge (W29) is at most 15 minutes from where my parents live. My dad knows someone who's son used to instruct there and apparently they're really hurting for instructors. I'm considering applying there as I get closer to graduation, but I would like to know a bit more about the school, have you heard anything? How you enjoying flying out of BWI? I'm sure that's a damn good experience.

      Here is the website

      Hey, I sent you a PM about Capital. Flying out of BWI is awesome. And thanks to the 100LL price at $ignature, almost all of our flights involve a quick stopoff at one of the airports outside the ADIZ, usually RJD or ESN over on the eastern shore or up at DMW (Carroll County) if we go practice up there. Someone told me it would look good on the resume and in the logbook to have all of those flights in and out of the class bravo and through the ADIZ, I guess we'll see. In actuality, getting into and out of BWI is not that bad. We have "our" runway over on our side for GA. Beech 1900s and Dash 8s use it, but other than that it's all GA. I never have any departure delays, and only occasionally do I get vectored for spacing on the way back in.

      Contrast that with Easton. Last weekend all the weekend warriors were out. I was #5 for departure and there were 3 planes in the pattern! All the planes in the pattern were spacing themselves and I was never able to get a word in on the CTAF to call out that I was taking the runway and leaving.

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