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I was just researching about the D-ABTK....

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  • I was just researching about the D-ABTK....

    I was just researching about the D-ABTK (The one with the collapsed nose gear)

    And I was stumbled over this as I was checking the info about this particular aircraft from LH.. (Its from database) ....

    Line No.:1293
    Current Registration : D-ABTK
    Operator (Owner):Lufthansa
    Delivery Date: 2001-12-19
    Engine Model:CF6-80C2B1F
    F/N: n/a
    R: n/a

    Status: Active
    What does the bolded red letters mean ??
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    F/N might be Flight number


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      I just found out that SelCal is a selective calling..

      Selcal, or Selective Calling as it is more correctly known, is an automatic recognition system that is operated by a two tone signal. The equipment is connected to the HF radios on aircraft and monitors for a call even when the squelch is turned up, and the pilots can hear nothing. This enables the pilots to have some aural peace when crossing the Atlantic or other oceans as HF radio can be very noisy. Selcals are made up of a four letter code and when heard have a distinctive bing-bong sound. As a flight enters the Oceanic FIR, a Selcal check is made the signal activates the on board Selcal receiver which alerts the pilots with a flashing warning light and an audible alarm.

      I can't find anyting about the F/N and R though...

      Can any of the experts help me here. Thanks..

      Thanks anyway to Patrick. Im not sure if thats it. But I'll see what the others can tell about it. ..
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        F/N might be Fin Number which is normally used in the US to identify aircraft instead of the last two letters of the registration which are the same for alot of N registered aircraft...