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A310 Flapless Take Off ?

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  • A310 Flapless Take Off ?

    Hello everyone ,

    a few days ago i flew on a Thai A310 from BKK to SIN . The aircraft was pretty loaded as there wasn't any free seats but it seemed like no trailing edge devices were deployed .
    Is i remember , the A310 is certified for flaps 0 take off as normal operation.

    Could anyone confirm this ?

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    Do you mean a A300-600? Because TG doesn't have any A310.

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      Last summer, I was on A300 jet from Phuket to Bangkok with full load, and it no problem with flapless on takeoff like LH A300.


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        Accually they do flapless take-offs. Now if you were sitting near the front of the wing it would be a different story. A310's and A300's wings are SUPER aerodynamic and they create enough lift on there own. Instead of having the flaps extend, when Airbus modled and built the wing they designed it to do a slats only take-off.

        So when the First Officer moves the flap lever to "1" it only extends the slats to the half position. So yes, the A310 and A300 can do flapless take-offs, but the Slats are extended. (Slats being in the front of the wing on the leading edge)

        On the A319, it has Flaps setting 1, then 1+F. 1+F extends both slats and flaps while 1 just extends the slats.