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    ^^I recall being onboard on a LH321. We've just landed and not even a whole minute passed by this captain made a rapid right turn, so rapid that the seatbelt was tighten much on my stomach. It was very shaky..! How much does a A321 need down the runway before he is able to make the rapid get-away turn from the runway ???

    Oh and btw. Spoilers were deployed IIRC ..
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      Well, when the spoilers deploy, they separate the airflow over top of the wing which does lead to turbulent airflow behind the spoiler. This isn't a picture of the airflow behind a spoiler, but the airflow overtop of the wing is separating due to the wing being at too high an angle of attack (stalling), but none the less you can see how the airflow becomes turbulent.

      In light aircraft (and probably big ones too) this turbulent airflow will hit the horizontal stabilizer and cause a bit of a turbulent feel. Actually, if you slow down to a really slow airspeed in a light aircraft, and look backwards, usually you can see the horizontal stab bouncing around quite violently. I'm not familiar with flying large aircraft yet, so I dont know if the turbulence you feel when the spoilers are deployed are from the turbulent air acting on the wing, or if it is in fact the turbulent air bouncing the horizontal stab around.