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    I think mess might be a little harsh, there is some hope that the pain of the last few years was all in preparation for the current takeover and that consolidation and growth of the mainline may ensue. However, if things don't improve expect ANA Cargo, Cathay Sydney, Dragonair, Korean Air etc contracts to be filled!


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      Haha...sorry. I know that at the end of the day being a QF pilot is still a very good job indeed. It is just unfortunate that things have stagnated there...and who knows, with HK Air, HK Express and Oasis battling with Cathay now, we may end up going the same route as QF one day!!

      Have there been any rumours or plans yet post-takeover? CNN says that the new owners will pump money in and allow Jetstar to expand more. They did not mention QF growth at all. Obviously I don't trust the news in public on this stuff just yet.
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        We have been told NOTHING!


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          ^^Will there be some OR ...any affects at all at QANTAS after the new owners have settled down ?

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