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  • Airbus A310 question...

    Hey, just wondering if anyone knows any good websites for systems of the airbus A310...I've got to do a presentation in class about, specificially, the powerplant, hydraulic, fuel, and one other system i can't remember at the moment.

    So if anyone knows any sites, I'd appreciate it.

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    Well I'm not sure if this is specific enough but here is the official A310 website which may be of some help.
    I think the powerplants may differ sometimes but you could also research those on seperate sites, wikipedia may be of some help.


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      What do you exactly want to know?

      Engine options are the GE CF6 and Pratt & Whitney 4000 on the newer versions and the JT9D on the older.

      I can give you a hella amount, I will post back.


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        hey AC man, i appreciate the offer, what I'm looking for are specifics on how the powerplant, electrical, fuel, and hydraulic systems operate. The class I'm currently in focuses on the CRJ 200, and my project is comparing the systems on an A310 to the CRJ. Really, what i'm looking for are resources, websites or books that have information on systems.

        I apprciate the offer on sharing your knowledge, but I'm not sure using the jetphotos message board as a source would be acceptable.