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    Forgive me if this has been discussed already. I did a few searches and did not find much.
    Occasionally I will see a photo of an airport overview and there seem to be some long jetways. What airports have the longest jetways? I have not been to many airports so I would say that the longest I was on was at Denver when boarding United flight 944 from DEN-ORD on a 772.



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    Hey Brad!

    I'll try and answer your question, even though I'm not an expert on the issue.

    There are several types of jetways, boarding bridges, etc. FMC Technologies has several, and I'm going to use them to highlight some of the features of each.

    Your traditional pedestal passenger boarding bridge, is a bridge that is fixed to the ground with a movable end.

    The Jetway Pedestal passenger bridge is available in a variety of models, determined by the distance of vertical lift an the horizontal travel of the "C" tunnel. A single lift column with single drive is used for lesser vertical distances, and a single lift column with dual drive is available for greater vertical distances.

    Although the bridge is fixed, it is capable of extending or retracting ten feet (3.05m) an features 30 degrees of cab rotation. As a result, the pedestal bridge affords considerable flexibility for accurate cab alignment, proper docking, and ease of operation.

    Another bridge is a glass bridge that has a telescoping walkway.


    -Virtual elimination of roof rollers enables use of rounded corners or other effects.
    -Smooth exterior walls replace corrugated panels, greatly enhancing architectural flexibility.
    -Elimination of roof-roller-flanges reduces maintenance and eliminates the possibility of rust bleed.
    -Glass option produces a feeling of openness with enhanced aesthetic appeal for travellers.
    -Full support from the open truss structure with major weight on bottom rollers creates new exterior design possibilities.
    -Glass available in multiple tints allows for different treatments to meet different exterior settings.


    FMC Also sells a TeleRadial Boarding Bridge, which is designed for regional airlines.

    Designed specifically to meet the economic and operational needs of regional airlines, FMC Technologies' Jetway TeleRadial bridge is a full-featured bridge offering the ease and reliability for which Jetway bridges are known.

    With its full weather protection, full width tunnels and cab, minimum slope transitions, and optional provisions for hand luggage, the TeleRadial bridge maximized passenger comfort and safety.


    For the question of the longest bridge. There are bridges out there that go over the wing of the plane to enable access to the rear doors. There was an article on those in AIRWAYS magazine in the past months (I can't find it right now)

    Also, FMC has bridges that are designed for the A380 to enable access to the upper floors.

    A380 Products

    Source for information - FMC

    You can also check out these sources for bridge information.
    -Wikipedia Jetways
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      Found this pic by Sam Chui that relates to my original question.
      (i wanted to ref: from JP but couldn't find this one in the DB here as of yet.)
      In the center of the pic you can see a Qantas B744 with a jetway that is extremely long. Wow. This seems to be the longest I have ever seen.



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        I would say the "jetway" in Sam Chui's photo, is autually just an stationary extended bridge with a normal jetway at the end of it.

        But nice find. Quite a long one like you said !
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          I wasn't sure. You're probably right. Never been there so I'll have to take soemone elses word for it. Can you imagine, "We will now begin boarding 5 minutes earlier than normal as it will take most of you that long to walk the jetway to the aircraft" j/k



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            Originally posted by MaxPower
            I would say the "jetway" in Sam Chui's photo, is autually just an stationary extended bridge with a normal jetway at the end of it.

            But nice find. Quite a long one like you said !
            I guess this one is longer than the one in SYD..


            Another extended bridge with 2 jetways in the end..
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              ^To me, a jetway is any enclosed walkway that leads to an aircraft stand or a parked aircraft, so even a stationary glass and steel walkway is a jetway IMO. HKG has more jetways like that btw:


              Check out the long jetways at the very bottom, the one that leads out onto the angled ramp near the main terminal, where the empty stand is, and the one on the far end on the other side (towards the top of the photo) of the main terminal's airside. I wouldn't mind walking through that one myself!


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                Sitka has a long one, it is a huge Zig-Zag
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