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Why tillers?

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  • Why tillers?

    The title pretty much asks my question. Why do large aircraft have tiller bars for ground steering instead of using the pedals, like most light aircraft and fighters do? Personally I didn't like it when I flew a simulator. Is there a specific reason why large planes can't use the traditional method of ground steering like small planes use? Also, do most business jets have tillers too? I didn't notice them when I've been in Lears or Beechjets, but what about bigger ones?

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    On aeroplanes with tillers, the pedals do control the turning of the aeroplane. It is limited to a small amount of turn either side of centreline though. (Racking my memory its about 8 degrees either side... fine for small control when you are taxiing in a straight line).

    The tiller is used for more accurate turn control, and to allow MUCH greater angles of turn required to manoeuvre the large aircraft very very accurately. (About 65 Degrees from memory... depending on the aircraft type of course)

    The tiller is not hard to use... and very quickly becomes second nature. Personally I think its easier than the pedal steering.