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Air Force 1 t/o angle

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  • Air Force 1 t/o angle

    This may seem like I'm pulling it out of thin air, but I've noticed each time I see footage of Air Force 1 taking off, it takes off at a very shallow angle, seems like the AOA is less than for other 74's. Is this actually the case or am I seeing something? Can anyone shed some light on this?

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    Well if memory serves me correctly AF1 is not a true 744.... it has the body and wings of a 742 with the engines of a 744..... I imagine that this changes the profile of the takeoff. Along wit this it carries a lot of extra equipment. This might drastically change the dry operating weight and thus the CG and thus the takeoff angle. Just my thoughts
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      It's not a 747-400 at all, except for the larger CF-6 engines. It is still a straight -200. 3-man cockpit and all.

      I would imagine AF1 flys around pretty light for a 747, so if you rotated quickly it would probably be slightly uncomfortable for the passengers.

      In the 727 we rotate slowly at low weights because it is very easy to over-rotate and catch the tail.
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        Thanks for the feedback, that answers my question.


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          I am not sure whether the initial pitch angle is different in the 742 and 744. In the 777 we are supposed to rotate at the same rate for heavy and light weights because the rotate speeds have been adjusted for weight. In the 777-200 we rotate slightly faster than the 777-300 but I think subconsciously we do rotate slower on heavy departures although we are not supposed to.
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