Another site I frequent has a separate forum that allows those who fly for a living to post pictures they have taken while working. That website has a much larger pilot community so I thought I would limit ours to a single thread that will be turned into a sticky.

I understand that many companies discourage photos taken while working, but there are some that don't. However, I would like to remind everyone that if you're not entirely sure that photos from your work would be ok, don't post them as aviation is a small world, especially on the internet.

I also ask that we keep photos to an 800 pixel maximum width so we can keep from needing to scroll across the page to see everything.

Here are a few pictures I took on a cross country with a student from Tipton (KFME) to Ocean City, MD (KOXB) last Friday. Hope you enjoy.

Finally out from underneath the BWI class B and the ADIZ we can now climb up to a more efficient altitude

Good student

The barrier island of Ocean City visible on the distance. All the tall buildings are hotels.

Blurry picture while on a practice GPS runway 05 approach to KOXB. The beach on the right side is Assateague Island. Its a national (or state?) park that has hundreds of wild horses that run around on the beach.

Into the Ocean City terminal to stretch the legs and have a look around.

Ocean City Airport seen right after departure. We were heading back to FME via Salisbury, but first we were going to fly along the beach.

Ocean City

More Ocean City


Headin home