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Career Builder/MSN 5 Most Glamorous Jobs

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  • Career Builder/MSN 5 Most Glamorous Jobs

    Guess which is number 1

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    Originally posted by MSN
    He loves his job and says his hours are flexible, allowing plenty of time for family.
    This guy has it made... I don't think this is the case with the majority of pilots. The majority of them commute I would think.. That takes time away. Once you get hired by an airline you're on reserve, and then you have no time for anything, especially if you don't live in the city where you a based and have to get to your city a day before to make sure when you get that call you are ready to go at the airport within the 2 hours or so.. Once you establish some senority then your airline career is like Brian's here..


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      53k is absolutely NOT the lower limit of the pay scale...not even close


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        More like 18k-23k for the bottom..
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