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  • Alaska ramp tour

    Yesterday night I was invited to go on a tour of the Alaska airlines facility with a family friend who is a mechanic there. Here are some pictures:

    Here is the last 737-200C "Mudhen". The aircraft will never fly again. The APU has been taken out and put in another aircraft, and the engines arent functioning anymore. It is being taken to a museum.

    Here I am in front of the engine of the worlds first 737-400 Freighter.

    This is inside the wheel well of the 737-400 freighter.

    A good look of the nose wheel:

    The cargo bay of the 737-400F:

    The 737-400F:


    The cockpit of the 737NG:

    The engine of the 737-700:

    Looking through the HUD on a -400:

    It was a beautiful night here last night. The sunset was absolutely amazing. Here are a couple shots in the lighting.

    Hope you enjoyed the shots.
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    Very nice Alec.


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      Very nice. Glad to see that Mudhen is being preserved. Such a contrast between the wheel well of the 400C to the Cargo Bay.


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        Nice shots, Alec. Great oppertunity, glad to see the 732 is preserved and interesting to see inside the 734F.