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    To fly a 737 in the rest of the world you need a type rating for the aircraft, even as an F/O. Most airlines as you say will give you that themselves, but times are changing. 5 years ago every airline did its own type ratings, now, many (including Southwest) do not. You must pay.

    All I'm saying is that these days you need to be prepared for the possiblity of having to pay for your own type rating, as more and more airlines are requiring it. Most will only ask you to pay for it after you have the job, fortunately(?).

    Its hit the rest of the world, don't think that America will remain different. It probably wont.

    (P.S I am very much against it, just saying what seems to be the way things are going )


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      To Southwest's credit, while most airlines pay starting FO's around $30 per hour, WN pays over $50/h right off the bat. Perhaps the type rating thing allows them to do so?


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        I doubt you'll see very many airlines except Southwest require you to pay for your own type.

        Pay for training can be a very hot topic in the States, and paying for a type rating is looked as the same. I think WN will remain the sole company requiring that.

        I doubt you'll see ALPA ever sign off on a contract where pilots are required to pay for any part of their training again. It's been done in the past, but I HIGHLY doubt it will ever resurface.

        Even non-ALPA carriers will shy away because there will be too many airlines to work for that don't require it. The reason WN has been getting away with it is because it is a stable company that pays well, and treats its employees properly. It will continue to be the exception.
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