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  • Cost of Private Aviation

    Hi everyone.
    I have been asked at work to make an analysis of the cost of running a private jet.
    I am to include costs for fuel, maintenance and landing/parking. I am to determine a break even point for leasing the aircraft out to other businesses.
    Is there an online resource with updated cost models or even a site for european airports listing their landing fees and charges?
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    I can't answer your questions about landing fees and all that, but this page lists the fuel burn for a lot of different bizjets (in U.S. gallons per hour), so that would give you some rough idea of the cost for fuel alone depending on fuel prices. I don't really know how it works though, because I doubt the person chartering it pays for the fuel completely, but I dunno. Anyway here's the page.


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      This site will let you buy a report on costings for 10 major European airports...but 75 for a copy of a report !!!

      Otherwise, you will probably have to accesss the websites of each airport that interests you. I searched AltaVista using "European airport landing fees" and lots of options came up.
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        Thanks to you both for your replies - I'm putting a spreadsheet together as we speak
        Eagles may soar, but weasels never get sucked into jet intakes


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          Conklin and De Decker will give you good numbers, but I think its about $25 an airplane.

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