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"Caution, wake turbulence"-other countries?

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  • "Caution, wake turbulence"-other countries?

    Besides the USA, are controllers in other countries required to give this warning to smaller aircraft landing behind a large heavy (or a CRJ behind a 75' for example)? So far through videos where ATC is included, I have seen 737s coming in behind 767s and CRJs coming in behind 75s in countries other than the USA, but this warning I've heard only being given by controllers here in the USA, unless I'm not aware of the same practice being used in other nations. Does anyone know if this is caution statement is used elsewhere?

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    I am not sure if it is requirement here in the UK but I have heard controllers giving vortex wake warnings quite often.


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      Heard it a few times at MAN. Also seen a few go-arounds because of wake turbulence, pretty cool.


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        They do it in the US because they often totally ignore the required wake turbulence separation requirements!!! If you have the required separation, there is no real need to caution against it.

        And yes, there are other places in the world that do it.