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  • Logbook Backup?

    So how do the pilots on here backup their log books for the case that something might happen to the original? The method I came up with is to take pictures of mine, as the pages get filled out, then save those on an external HDD. Would that suffice if anything ever happened to my original logbook and I needed to prove my flight time in the future? Anyone have any other recommendations? Never seen this topic brought up, but it sounds like it might be something kind of important, so I was just wondering.

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    I plan on using an excel-type spreadsheet, a back up logbook (to keep in our Safety Deposit Box), and scans of the actual logbook. Maybe a tad redundant, but time is way too valuable to lose.


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      Many of us in the airlines have 2 types of logbooks. We have the standard logbook like everyone has (if you chose to log time, many don't), plus the daily log that we keep with us to write in flight times.

      I have a normal logbook that I keep track of my time with, but while at work I use the APDL log for my Palm Pilot. I can take that one step further with the computerized logbook that goes with it on a PC. Each time I hotsync my Palm, it will automatically enter those flights in the electronic logbook on the computer. Costs about $70 for the daily log, and about the same for the computer logbook.
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