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  • A/C Type Question

    While looking through my photo library and labeling them with the appropriate registration number, A/C type, location, and airline name I realized that after the main type of aircraft there is a "-" and then the version followed by a few more letters.

    British Airways 747-436
    Aer Lingus A330-301
    Alaska Airlines 737-890

    Does this have to do with the airline who ordered them, or something else?


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    In terms of Boeing, the last two digits (or mixture of digits and alphabetical characters in the case of relatively newer customers) are assigned to the customer that orders the aircraft originally. Even if the aircraft gets sold off to a different airline, etc it always retains the original customer code of the first carrier to own/operate the aircraft.

    eg: "90" is the customer code for Alaska, "24" for Continental, and "H4" is Southwest's code.

    The Airbus designators from what I have seen has largely to do with the specific engine type installed (I'm not sure if anything else plays into the Airbus designations though.)


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      Airbus is -Series/Engine Manufacturer/Variant. For example a -200 series A330 with General Electric engines, first variant would be an A330-201. 0=GE, 1-CFM, 2=PW, 3=IAE, 4=RR, 6=EA. On Boeings the three digits don't change though the life of the aircraft. On Airbii if the engines are uprated an A330-301 can become an A330-303 (such as Qantas'), and even an A380-841 can become a -861 duing testing!


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        Boeing Numbering System:


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          Thanks guys! You've been a big help.