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    Originally posted by Uncle Jay
    This side up
    I think you need to be in this thread:
    CRJ100 crash on take-off in Yerevan

    Belarussian plane name. Top/bottom for pilot instruction manual.
    Lurking at JP since the BA 777 at Heathrow and AD lost responsiveness to the throttles.
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      Air India's another one with named aircraft.


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        Originally posted by DAIRD
        Does all A320 af Air France have the names on the fuselage? I'm not sure, but recently I've seen some of them without names.
        The 320 with a name were most of the early series ordered in '83 and deliveries of which started in '88. I would not be surprised to hear they all lost their names after repainting....

        Air Gabon was another one which named its front line fleet members
        the 747 was Président Léon M'Ba, Gabon first head of state
        the 737-200 was the Makokou, the country chief river
        The F28s were named after secondary towns
        Some of the freighters were also named
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          BA used to / still do name most of their aircraft (apart from concorde)


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            Aer Lingus names all their airplanes after irish Saints.
            In addition they like to play with the registration on their A330's ("St. Patrick" EI-DUB, "St. Mella" EI-LAX or "St. Colmcille" EI-JFK for example).
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              What's about FedEx? I've seen some DC-10 back in the 1990's with names on the fuselage, but not at all aircraft.

              get FRA spotting informations here:


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                Originally posted by DAIRD
                What's about FedEx? I've seen some DC-10 back in the 1990's with names on the fuselage, but not at all aircraft.
                See post #5 on page 1. Yes Wendy is Fred Smith's daughter.

                "ALL" FedEx aircraft are named for the employees children. Only the child's "GIVEN" name is used. The name appears under the cockpit window.

                Names are submitted by employees and drawn for issue to the next aircraft in line. The names for aircraft removed from service are re-entered into the drawing pool.

                In days gone by (when the entire fleet could be accommodated at the MEM hub) it was common to assemble all of the kids with their names on the planes for photographs in front of "their" aircraft during the annual company picnic.
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                  Originally posted by Peter Lund
                  I am surprised no one have mentioned SAS yet. All their aircraft have a Nordic/Scandinavian first name and Viking as their surname.
                  To better leave it to you

                  Some more naming flyers, past and present
                  Air New Zealand
                  Japan Air Lines
                  Lan Chile
                  Aerolineas Argentinas
                  South African Airways
                  Air Algérie

                  more to come
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