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  • Boeing 787 Flightdeck

    Hi guys,

    We were lucky enough to get a briefing by a member of the Boeing 787 Flightdeck Design Team during a meeting last week.

    Comparisons were made on the advances from the 767 to the 787 and it is absolutely awesome! It is a shame we have to wait so long to get our hands on one.

    The overall layout is very clean with no circuit breaker panels being the first obvious change. The standard dual HUDs means that no airline can opt to not have them. The screens can present data in many ways, all very eye pleasing, and displays can be passed around between the crew. EFBs are standard and are overflowing with information.

    Even the traditional Boeing seats have been changed to be 100x more ergonomic, helpful for those long sectors. A big difference for us 767 drivers is the ability to see the wingtips from the flightdeck. In true Boeing fashion pilots have been very involved in the design right down to a large side table and multiple chart clips.

    All in all we were captivated for two hours!

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    Sounds awesome. Cant wait to see one in person.
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      Where have all the circuit breakers gone?


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        Eliminated via this:
        Remote Power Distribution System (RPDS): The RPDS is a network of distributed power controllers that connect all the lower power loads in the airplane to the main power busses. They provide on/off as well as protective functions, and are controlled over digital communications busses, eliminating the conventional circuit


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          For : Interesting, and seeing AJ & als could get the most from the event
          Against : the frustration caused by piling up delays
          Verdict : more reason to curse the ones behind the latters by one way or another and who for instance bust the work of the technicians who travelled to Sydney to conduct this session
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            Any hi-rez photos up yet?