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"Operationally Restricted Mach .65"???

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  • "Operationally Restricted Mach .65"???

    Yesterday en route YYZ-ORD on UA 1103, a 733, I was listening to Channel 9 and the comment by the flight deck was that the aircraft was "operationally restricted to Mach .65". Why? To save fuel, or would the aircraft have a mechanical situation that would prevent it from going faster. Twice he was asked by ATC if they could not go faster (once by Toronto, once by Cleveland), the answer was no so we were lowered from 32,000 feet to 30,000 feet presumably to let faster traffic pass by.

    BTW the aircraft was a real clunker inside-we were delayed on departure because a seat in First was broken, and the one in front of me was not much better as it sagged on one side and squeaked incessantly.

    It was neat listening to Channel 9, especially on departure when we were told we had four minutes to taxi and take off, or would be on a 30 minute hold, presumeably because we missed our departure slot. Then upon reaching 05 we pulled onto the runway right after a landing Dash 8 with an Air India heavy (if I heard the airline correctly) breathing up our ass, in fact they were asked to slow down, The United guys did get us off the ground in the four minutes because I was timing them so well done to both.

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    Operationally limited speeds are usually a result of a fairing such as a flap canoe faring or gear door missing / removed and the aircraft is being dispatched under a CDL (Configuration Deviation List) limitation.
    Standard practice for managers around the world:
    Ready - Fire - Aim! DAMN! Missed again!


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      From memory there is some form of slat defect on a 737 that leads to a .65 speed restriction.


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