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  • Funny/odd mishaps

    Has anyone had any funny mishaps while flying? Today I was flying an Arrow with my friend, and was landing at POU, after touching down I decided to try to make the first taxiway ahead of us, so I applied the brakes as well as pulling back on the yoke to slow down faster. Somehow my right shoe/foot literally got stuck between the area behind and underneath the panel and the top of the pedals and I couldn't remove it with my foot, so we ended up coming to a complete stop on the runway before I was able to take my foot out of the shoe and yank it out with my hand, thus releasing the toe brake. Nothing really happened, besides probably making the tower wonder why they came to a complete stop before exiting the runway, and my friend and I had quite a laugh over it, but it got me wondering if anyone else has similar odd stuff happen to them while flying?

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    This one time when a roll of toilet paper accidentally fell out the window.


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      Probably the craziest is almost colliding with a street sweeper on landing
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        lol got stoped dead in our tracks by a "tolet" on the taxiway
        August 29th will be the worst day of the year.


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          Final approach, almost at touch down:

          ME: Tower, MRG going arround, there's a dog on the runway.
          Tower: Roger MRG, eeeerrrr, throw him a bone!

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