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New ski for planes?

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  • New ski for planes?

    Came to think about a thing when I saw the men´s hanenkamrännen (spelling?) downhill competition in Kitzbühel Austria on Eurosport.
    The Swedish comentator claimed that Cuche the winner had a new sort of skis, which
    got a computer chip which slackens or stiff up the ski according to the surface and the bumpiness?
    Hanenkamrännen is infamous, you go from 0-60km/hr in less than 3 seconds from the start and top speed is 140km/hr for the best skiers and many serious injuries or fatalites has taken place in this
    I wonder if it would be usefull technology on planes skis as well if it exist?
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    Just looking outside the window, and you might think that a B744 on skis is a good idea. But there is at least one heavy problem..., that must be fairly tough skis to resist the touchdown of such a jet.
    And how do you use autobreak on skis...?

    And what can flying boat pilots do, if the water runway is frozen up? Maybe in this case, on a more likely small a/c, you could use skis. But I have never seen something like that.
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      It's one of the finest technology and I think it is really good choice to have for the planes.


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        I know that the New York ANG put skis on their C-130s that are deployed to Antarctica. But those skis aren't made out of the same material as skis that we use in sports. Its still an interesting idea to think about though.