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Emirates 777-300 ER go aound in Frankfurt

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    They are in a separate "maneuvers" section, just to further debunk your "look in any user manual etc" theory.
    And have a look at that section, certainly for Boeing - it is in two subsections.

    Non-Normal Manoeuvres and Flight Patterns.

    Guess again which section it is in. Thats right - flight patterns. It is NOT with RTO's, GPWS, TCAS. It is with TAKEOFF, ILS APPROACH and VISUAL TRAFFIC PATTERN.

    I've done more go arounds than I've done visual traffic patterns! Just because you don't do them often doesn't mean they're not normal. Infrequent, yes.


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      In the end a Go around is nothing else than a take off. Once you have pitched up and engines spool up you retract the flaps to a setting which is as well a take off flap setting. From then on, you do nothing else than during a take off. You follow a procedure (SID or MISAP).... The rejected landing is slightly different as you touchdown and need to be careful that you don't have a tailstrike... but oh wait, I try to avoid a tailstrike during take off as well.
      So basically a go around and a take off are very similar...
      For me a go around is nothing non- normal and I am so glad that I don't have to report it, I just do it when necesarry...



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        I go around all the time when I'm flying. Sometimes I'm a little too hot or high, sometimes I just wanna stay on the ball so I practice one at the last second, and sometimes I like to scare the crap out of my passengers who think we are 2 or 3 seconds from an uneventful landing. Of course this stuff doesn't happen at the airlines, except for the first one.


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          Originally posted by MCM View Post
          I've done more go arounds than I've done visual traffic patterns!


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            Not at all Curtis.

            How many times do you think you get to fly a visual traffic pattern in a heavy jet aircraft?

            Almost everywhere we go there are vectors onto ILS or VOR approaches, and while I've done my share of visual approaches, they are not quite the same as a visual traffic pattern.

            While I'm perfectly competent at doing a circuit, I'd bet it'd be a lot more untidy and "unusual" for me than a go around .