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    Am 12.11.2008 hatte AZ 463 DUS-MXP beim Abflug 1 Stunde und 10 Minuten Verspätung!"
    Alitalia has become bankrupt since the end of August 2008. But they like to continue all flights during all the strike until March 1st 2009. On November 11th 2008, due to the strike 124 Alitalia flights have been cancelled! Alitalia has very strongly reduced the frequency of flights for MXP....
    On November 12th 2008, AZ 463 DUS-MXP was delayed 70 minutes, or 1hour10minutes!"

    To be honest, I totally second what you say. A 70 minutes delay, on a route which is only 80 minutes long?!?
    So, since 2002 or since at least 2008, the golden Alitalia, with nightblue "baci" AZ-B742 and MD-82, was not a second longer golden.

    And today you can buy it. What would be your price?
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    Your abbreviation with Alitalia, is good. It made me laugh for a moment. And It insulted or insults nobody, in contrast to a guy from Argentina..

    And why. Because it really seems to be (partly) true.. Always.Late.In.Takeoff.Always.Late.In.Arrival = Alitalia. Lol.

    At least partly that must be true. I have found atc data (scheduled t/o vs t/o which I observed with my own eyes) at my home airport EDDL, concerning Alitalia.
    The Year? Well, you should read it. First of All my original version. Then I'll translate.

    From my very own EDDL observations. Original version (German):
    "Beachten: Alitalia ist insolvent seit Ende August 2008, will den Flugbetrieb jedoch auch unter fortgesetzten unangemeldeten Streiks der Mitarbeiter bis 01.03.2009 fortsetzen. Am 11.11.2008 sind wegen des Streiks 124 Flüge der Alitalia ausgefallen! Alitalia hat seine Flugfrequenz über MXP stark reduziert... Beachten: Alitalia hat seine Flugfrequenz über MXP ---
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    It is evil or the death for a smaller company (you say "weaker") if grandsons or successors are too greedy. Kurt had no sons, he had three daughters.

    Sometimes I really hate this forum!! For each and every entry here in your visitor messages section there exist three knobs:
    View Conversation (Hä?) - Edit (has never worked today, reason: it does not work on the last day of the year?!) - Report (which, afaik, I have NEVER used since I am here. I know the administrator who always helps me. I don't need such a knob)

    But that the edit button here in the visitor messages section of such a good jp "Senior" does not work, Seahawk, what do you think?

    I can use 1 visitor message for each sentence which I write here from now on. But then HalcyonDays has the right to kick me in the a**.

    So, Kurt had no sons, only daughters. Is it a burden, or a gift, Jimmy Fallon.
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    jetphotos again is nasty this morning. But not with me. I am older than this platform, so eat it or die, in 1 or 7 entries:

    Btw, 64. We Both of us know that I was not able to meet Kurt conle when he was alive. It was the man who died at the age of 64 who told me this name. He regularly told stories about Conle.
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    I have to ask him, how a man who is born as an aviation enthusiast like ATLcrew can be so short in his answers... This is part II, December 31 2017.

    To be at least as short as I can for this last day of 2017, I like to show you when the LTU airline history really started.
    Kurt Conle (*March 10th 1918_), again, a "winter child", was the founder of LTU International. Thus, he was 37 years old when he founded LTU, oh, I should switch to the English format, on October 20th 1955.
    But Kurt has never seen the success of the LTU Tristars, since 1973. He died in 1966. You can see who is the #1 aviation hero for me, here in my profile. It is not good when mighty patriarchs like Kurt die so early without a good successor.

    So, if you ask me, the death of LTU slowly began very early, in 1966. It is evil or the death for a smaller company (you say "weaker") if sons or successors are too greedy.

    Dear Greetings from DUS, the former home airport of LTU.
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    First of all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Strange. It seems as if I am here in your visitor messages section for the first time. And both of us know that this isn't true... ... .... ........

    Concerning "ancient airlines". I probably know more than you about the LTU, and you probably know more than me about NWA. Wouldn't that be a good team. Also because my other two jetphotos online friends have not given such a clear statement for only one airline. 3WE? I think that he is also a fan of my #2 aviation hero, Flight Captain Chesley Sullenberger III. But that does not necessarily make him a Cactus fan (ancient airlines...).
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    Hey! I'm a new. So plz tell me how to post a thread.
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    Halcyon days - are you/ were you connected to courtline?
    I worked in Halcyon House LTN for 9 years with UPA...!
    sorry if I am on the wrong lines with your name...
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