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  • Mr Spohr, I need another one.

    Düsseldorf without JFK nonstop, that's really ridiculous and that never happened since I know my home airport, Lohausen International. Now since 40 years. Come with me and see.

    Lufthansa Lockheed Super Constellation, who was part of the Lufthansa fleet between 1955 and 1968. One of the first routes:
    Hamburg - Düsseldorf - Shannon - (Sept Iles) - New York City.

    Lohausen Intl still is the third biggest airport in Germany, established in 1927.

    I always hated the former Lufthansa CEO C. Franz because he always ignored where the 'new Lufthansa' after 1955 started again. In Köln, und nirgendwo anders.

    Mr Spohr, you once were 100% convinced of EDDL, I know that because I know where you are born.

    If, and only if you try to participate in EDDF of passenger numbers which we here create at EDDK and EDDL, you MUST be sure that the Lohausen - Rhein/Main airlift is stable,

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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-06-20, 03:28. Reason: Deutschland ist noch nie zentralistisch in Frankfurt/Main organisiert gewesen. Danke für die Diskussion!

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  • Alex, I need another one..

    Valid flight numbers for this summer.

    Well. I even asked Rhein/Main Intl what they think about Basel/Mülhausen. The answer was, oh God, yes, we wrote connections to BSL, with CR9 (!), but you should always contact your airline for answers.
    Which I also did. My favorite airline of all times, the Lufthansa, submitted connections with BSL to the operators of the Rhein/Main airport website. I don't really think that somebody at FRA invented this without any source... ................
    frankfurt-airport dot com

    beginning with Saturday, July 4th 2020, these are flight numbers which I have found just in this very moment:
    LH#1202 FRA 0950 - BSL 1040 nonstop, 0h50min in the air.

    But that tiny CR9 is not the problem or at least not the first problem which I have when I try to book a flight from DUS to BSL.

    Due to the fact that BSL here at Lohausen...
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  • Back on topic.

    Since the early Friday morning, I really have spent some hours to find out another way to Basel-Mülhausen. Here on my table I look at the
    Lohausen International airport summer schedule (April 2019).

    This document contains the following flight numbers:
    Eurowings # 9712 >> DUS 0715 - BSL 0840 freq 12345--
    Eurowings # 9714 >> DUS 1825 - BSL 1925 freq 12345--

    I know that here at Lohausen Intl we are not yet back at the summer schedule April 2019. Due to

    that damn disease,

    your and my summer holiday will not start that easy, at least not if you are used to aviation since 40 years.

    Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter mbH was the operator of the flights to Basel-Mülhausen, back then in April 2019. They used their
    DeHavilland Dash 8-400 turbopropeller fleet
    for the flights to Basel.

    The newest news is, since June 15th 2020 everybody here in this forum and...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-06-20, 00:58. Reason: What would I have to pay for such a turbopropeller?

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  • I must be honest, I opened this topic only because of one important happening. One week after my birthday this year, aviation really stopped to exist. And I celebrated my 42nd birthday with the knowledge, my father has driven me to Lohausen International airport when I was so young that I preferred to sit in the Kinderwagen, when I was not really able to explore the third biggest airport in Germany on my own feet. Age? Younger than 3. Thus, my signature not even tells it all. Aviation enthusiast since 1980, that really comes close to the truth.

    And what is a man able to do after 40 years of aviation as a hobby? In German that would be,
    In diesem Leben bin ich wahrscheinlich zu nichts anderem mehr tauglich.

    So, now, after 40 years of aviation enthusiasm, my Lohausen International airport comes back to life again. I only know one another jetphotos senior member who could be able to celebrate a similar jubilee on his home airport. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw.
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  • In contrast to the threadstarter, I even was here when Delta ... hm. Let me try that in German again. Alex, you'll translate?
    Im Gegensatz zum ersten Themenbeitrag hier kenne ich diese Plattform schon bevor Delta die DL-McDonnell Douglas DC9-30 ausgeflottet hat im Jahr 2010.
    ausgeflottet, in English?

    Back to the original platform language. When Delta had the last flight of the Delta DC9-30 in the year 2010 here in this forum we also had a mourning, and one or two people opened a bottle.

    Back then, the Delta CEO already was unromantic.

    Delta DC9-30, from 1967 until 2010. 43 years, not 40, not 45, not 50, no.

    But I remember, that I opened a bottle in 2010. 43 years in the air is not really bad, for the Delta DC9-30.
    Elvis Presley died before he achieved 43 years on this planet....
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  • Hm. Does somebody know when Delta inaugurated the MD-88? Ah. Wikipedia sometimes tries to hide the answers, but here it is.

    Somebody has counted that in the Delta Fleet there once had been not less than ... 120 aircraft of the type DL-MD88.
    Delta inaugurated the a/c type MD-88 in the year 1987.

    And that is what I always do not understand. Gabriel is able to understand that, but I'd say, why don't you have the last flight of an DL-MD88 not in the year 2017, or in the year 2022.
    The last flight of a DL-MD88, after 35 years in the DL fleet. That's something which even I would open a bottle upon, in the year 2022.

    Airline CEOs sometimes are so very unromantic.

    The Delta CEO is born in the year 1957. So, thirty years before the inauguration of the DL-MD88. I don't know if the Delta CEO really is unromantic. But now the last flight after... 33 years?

    What I can say is, when I became 33 years old, nobody opened a bottle...
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  • Hi Gabe.

    This wikipedia source today (June 2020) still says, that the summary of that fatal crash is unclear. During the last 7 days here again was Los Rodeos 1977 on German TV, and Los Rodeos 1977 indeed has a clear advantage compared to hb-hot (August 2018_).
    At Los Rodeos, at least a few people on board the Clipper Victor, a Pan Am Boeing 747-121, survived, which included Pan Am 747 F/O Robert Bragg (1937-2017), who after Los Rodeos became a 747 Flight Captain.

    On board that Ju-52, nobody survived, 17 passengers plus 3 crew (2 pilots included), so 20 souls on board. And all souls dead on board.

    So, absolutely nobody is able to say, what happened before that Junkers Ju-52 began a nosedive screw over portside which ended in a vertical impact on the valley ground below Piz Segnas, all three piston engines ahead. As eyewitnesses on the ground report, the Ju-52 vanished from the...
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  • That's a former Boeing 747 operator which even experienced forum members hadn't always had on the screen..

    And you made your dreams come true, and you finally stepped on board your favorite aircraft of all times. That after all is a happy end, as I like to call it.

    JFK, that's where after all those retirements of 747 operators, Alitalia, Iberia, Aer Lingus, TAP Lisboa, SAS Scandinavian, Sabena, Swiss, Air France, KLM - only moments before they had achieved the second Gold membership for 50 years in the 747 club in February 2021 (until today really nobody was able to explain that decision to me),

    and now after Virgin Atlantic has left the club,

    that's JFK where you still, after 50 years in the 747 club, you might see a chance for a Boeing 747 comin in as flat and smoothly as you are used to it since April 1970..

    PS: Men who are as old as me sometimes wonder, what is a legend, or better, a living legend. I am 42 years old now....
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  • And now, ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of my favorite aircraft type..

    LH #490 FRA - SEA, operated with type, what would you guess, ... LH-B744. What else.

    Back in the air again finally, up where we belong. Men, how have I missed this, my favorite aircraft type is back!
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  • Valid Star Alliance flight numbers for this summer

    In my eyes, one of the meanest things when you travel is, not enough information. And especially now that DL, AF, AC and LH again try to fly, everybody needs info. Mr Rodeback was so kind and he tries to find Valid SkyTeam flight numbers for this summer, with a little help from friends, if needed..

    And I try to find valid flight numbers for my favorite airline, and friends. Probably numbers do not tell everybody everything, so, I like to include flight number, departure, arrival and aircraft type.
    Let's fly again!

    LH #400 FRA - JFK, operated with type B748.
    LH #404 FRA - JFK, a/c type B748.

    AC #873 FRA - YYZ, type B77W, which in this case theoretically is a choice for the Canadians, B772LR?, but here on my screen I even see the registration. That definitely is a B773ER. be definitely continued.

    Welcome back, dear passengers!
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  • So, Mr Rodeback, you've made a wise choice. In contrast to other jetphotos forum members, you have not chosen a nickname which contains an aircraft type which on one very very very bad day maybe vanishes from the Skies.. Not all of us have been that wise.

    I just had a very nice thought. I could open the SkyTeam topic and try to find flights which soon are provided in the SkyTeam alliance. And you open a Star Alliance topic and try to find something comparable?

    Or should everyone stay with his own aviation alliance? Toronto Lester B. Pearson is just on my screen. Which tomorrow, on Sunday, will be shared between
    really a Star Alliance B777 (!) and later, one A330-300, if we talk about Rhein/Main..

    Man, the passengers do come back, they only have to know which flights are provided.

    PS: I'm serious. I could open a SkyTeam topic, I have found at least one valid flight number for the Summer Schedule 2020:
    DL #107, and the a/c type...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-06-12, 23:02. Reason: Valid flight numbers for this summer.

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  • Yes, things happen. First of all, what I really miss here in this forum is, a corner for good news! Something like.. Lufthansa does no longer fly the A380, but hey, the 747 is big enough, and still in the fleet (!) .

    Btw, the Lufthansa en wiki still believes that eight LH-A388 will remain in the fleet, but when we look at the source, .. March 13th 2019, so, I'd say, not reliable, or at least, not current. More than 1 year old, that source.
    What I've heard since March 2020, since the last 12 weeks, is, not one LH-A388 will remain in the Lufthansa fleet. And if CEO Spohr has signed the death sentence for the LH-A388, I should find a quite good source for that. I'll watch out and I'll keep all of us up-to-date.

    Back on topic.
    You probably know more about Delta than me. What would be your good news? Delta does no longer fly the 777, but hey, ... hm. In case of Delta I might need some help. ... but hey,
    the DL-B763ER is big enough. That would be my...
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