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  • The topic is 747, right?
    Sorry, I can't really stop finding photos, must be the a/c type..

    Well, I still have another one. Checkerboard again. This one really seems like a .. 22 year old picture postcard! Taken shortly before that aviation paradise closed its doors forever.

    That were the days.
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  • Alex, I need another one.

    Which was the counterpart for the ATLAS Gruppe. The KSSU, since February 1970. Why do I assume that you also could learn something? Well. We are younger than the 747, arent't we.

    And now, only for you, Alex. Who was part of the KSSU 747 operator alliance.

    KLM (K), SAS (!), .. and now, S and U is missing. What would you guess.
    A 747 operator alliance, founded 1970.

    The 'U' stands for the French 'Union de Transports Aériens', UTA, which as a 747 operator only existed for 29 years, between 1963 and 1992, originally founded on LFPO Aéroport de Orly.

    And the S? Well, two photos say more than 1000 words.
    [Kloten, in rather shabby weather, but 747 pilots take it all]
    [... THE airport which 747 pilots virtually still dare to die for, almost 22 years after the permanent closure.....
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  • List of current 747 operators, and not only that.

    List of current 747 operators, where the cute and small B744 is the old (before 2010) and new (since 2020 again) flagship?
    Not KLM, and not Air France, which both have left the 747 club. Which I regret!

    Lufthansa. Which if you asked me in October 2019, would have been complete nonsense in my eyes. I always expected that between Schiphol, CDG and Rhein/Main all 747 operators reach the Gold member status. Especially KLM, who would have reached Gold member status in the 747 club in February 2021. I don't understand their decision.

    Btw, what's the new KLM flagship?

    50 years in the 747 club, that's an honor.

    Why 80 meters wingspan, if 64.5 m completely suffice?!

    PS: Since let's say 10 or 15 years, I assume that I know one or two things about the 747. But there still is something new. Which seems to be normal, I am younger than the 747.
    Before all Lufthansa...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; Yesterday, 05:39. Reason: Atlas. And only 1 of the Atlas Gruppe achieved the Gold member status in the 747 club.. Well. So sei es.

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  • Alex, I need one another. Please let me.

    Air France has also decided that their A380s are much too big. Air France, I mean this is

    Air France!

    Not only in my eyes, but definitely the inventor of the Airbus A380. It was a French aviation engineer who thought, bah, that 747 is too small. I don't quite remember his name, but I'm sure that the A380 is of French Origin.

    And now, Air France is the second major International airline in Europe, who will never again take off in an Airbus A380,
    #2, after Lufthansa.
    Sometimes, wikipedia is really fast.
    In this very moment, the en wiki for Air France is on my screen, and they do NOT mention their ten A380s as active aircraft in the Air France fleet, for May 2020!

    Airbus A380-800 (2009-2020).


    PS: I just wonder what Air France after all will call their flagship. Here at Lufthansa, I don't think that there is a doubt... .. ...
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  • 10 years in the A380 club with Lufthansa. That's less than my jetphotos membership. But I see reasons for that.

    1. Why a wingspan of 80 meter (!), or 261 ft 8 inches. My home airport Lohausen Intl (DUS) does not have a problem with that, not either if Emirates likes to come back to DUS with their huge flyin swan.
    But not all airports in Germany provide three terminals with 500 meter space each (DUS), thus 1500 meter or 1.5 kilometer space, to park wingtip beside wingtip beside wingtip beside wingtip...
    I heard that an airport which they try to build in Berlin since anno Domini 2006, only has 1400 meter..

    2. Why a wingspan of 80 meter? With the circumstance that in Berlin until today, May 2020, they do not own one airport which is able to handle an A380 and its 500 or 600 passengers.

    3. Why a wingspan of 80 meter, when since 1970 the Original is in the air, with a wingspan of only 64.5 meter (only 211 ft 5 inches)? The Gold...
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  • List of current and former A380 operators.

    Well. I really try hard to find topics where I can put in sentences which just are in my mind. And I am sure that in the past I wrote something about the
    Lufthansa Airbus A380, and the fact that CEO Spohr also before that damn disease was sure

    that only a hand full of once 14 Lufthansa A380-800 passenger jets

    will survive in the Lufthansa fleet.

    The newest thing which I heard is, Spohr does no longer want the Lufthansa A380. It is simply much too big.

    Thus, Lufthansa becomes or already is one former A380 operator. So, as far as I know, this is one of the shortest memberships in a long haul a/c type club, where Lufthansa ever participated since 1955.
    [For example, compared to my avatar.]

    Lufthansa, member in the A380-800 club (2010-2020).

    PS: I almost watch everything on TV which is broadcasted about my favorite airline, and I am almost sure that something like
    'The last arrival of a Lufthansa...
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  • Hi Gabe.

    scontent - sfw atc # 5?

    I like to add another source. First of all, I do not assume that wikipedia knows everything, or everything better than investigators from the NTSB. But if there is a en dot wiki, that's always my first source. Here it is.

    date of the incident: May 22nd 2020
    a/c type: Airbus A320
    .. in the air since: 2004
    departure: OPLA Intl airport (Lahore)
    arrival: OPKC Jinnah Intl airport (Karachi)

    So, from Pakistan to Pakistan, a domestic flight with 99 souls on board that Airbus A320.

    Injured and fatalities: 2 injured and 97 dead souls on board.
    Survivors: 2 .

    Development of the fatal crash.
    taken from the en wiki, May 24th 2020.
    So, I like to second what you said, Gabe.
    One go around.

    again from the source '[...] Flight # 8303', see above.

    I looked...
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  • New screeners needed?

    Really? But who has left us?

    Nevertheless. It rather seems as if Alex already knows all the candidates for years... But if you ask me, there is nothing wrong in this procedure.
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  • Now, during I write these words, I operate an Intel i5. Not type 8400, but good enough so that Randazzo's LH-B744 fsx simulator is liquid on the screen, in all situations that a flight might take, through the clouds, over land as well as over the Oceans.
    I know that for this i5, I gathered one or two $ over a period of let's say... 10 months, only for this i5 cpu. And I know, that for the price of this i5, you could also have bought one night in a good four star hotel in Manhattan, New York City. That's only the cpu.
    The video card is the same.
    The mainboard is 0,5 of one night in a good four star hotel in Manhatten, New York City.

    On top of that 16 gigs of RAM which you stick into your asus mainboard, plus 2 fast sata hdd of the same size (e.g. 2 x 750 GB good and fast sata hdd with raid modus..) , or, what your chart suggests, at least 1 ssd?

    Plus the appropriate power supply, and such a little thing is, if you buy it with at least 650W and...
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  • LOL.

    That's my mate. Did I mention that Texans do not really own KJFK...

    And I don't know if I mentioned that since I am here on board this very brilliant aviation platform, I always use a combination of Intel and AMD. So, if you really ask me (and not somebody who sells computer parts as a profession), I'd take the two columns in the middle, the
    Recommended Spec Sheet for Msfs 2020.
    Intel i5, yes, type 8400
    perfectly goes together with an
    AMD Radeon RX 590.

    And if we go into further detail of your little chart, we can see that 8 GB of RAM on the motherboard only serve as a minimum, 16 GB are recommended, of course. If you ask me, to safely cross Piz Segnas, a Ju-52 is the minimum, but only under ISA conditions (+15°C or colder, without inversion).
    Better in my eyes is the BE-350 King Air, she simply goes higher, faster, and what if above the clouds at 11,000 is traffic. Even then the BE-350...
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  • Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter mbH

    On April 22nd 2020, the airline Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter mbH went into the so called 'internally managed bankruptcy', due to that damn disease (Corona),

    with all 15 aircraft, all type DeHavilland Dash 8 Q400.

    40 years, and always famous for Turbopropellers, like the Dornier Do-228, and always famous for the relationship between Düsseldorf and Dortmund, two towns who really have learned to accept each other, not only due to soccer, but also due to aviation.

    I don't know that many airlines who are in the air since 1980, with such a little amount of incidents.

    If my opinion counts something, We need Turbopropellers at Lohausen:
    1. LFSB Basel Mülhausen nonstop
    2. Leinfelden-Echterdingen nonstop (better known as Stuttgart Intl airport)
    3. Westerland.
    4. LIMJ Genova Sestri nonstop, and that is not my very private wet dream, that was reality before that damn disease.
    5. LSGG Genf Cointrin nonstop.
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-05-03, 06:42. Reason: Definition of aircraft: whether with or without propeller, B744 or Dash8, we belong into the air!

  • Gabe. For the second part of your #1 entry here in this topic, I need another entry. But for Forum Seniors who really have something to say, I think, Alex allows that.

    I'm also an aviation enthusiast when I'm afk. So, most of the time I'm not getting tired at all when Flight Captain John M. Cox appears on German television, with his more than 14,000 flight hours. I don't know if it was him or Greg Feith, who again had Colgan Air Flight # 3407 as their topic.

    For all those, who haven't sat infront of their TV in Germany during the last 3 or 5 days, and who during the last 11 years were not present here in this forum..

    February 12th, 2009. A Dash 8 Q400 Turbopropeller with, afaik 86 passenger seats + 2 pilot seats, sat at KEWR Newark Intl airport (New Jersey State), for a short jump to Buffalo (New York State), which is a distance of.. now we need all the New York state jetphotos forum members,

    or I simply look it up, which...
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  • Mate, good to see you here again. Have you always been healthy, let's say since the beginning of the year 2020?

    I really was that lucky. Not one second of quarantine was necessary for me, never during my 42 years in life. And I definitely work against that damn disease, so that for the next 42 years, I'll stay quarantine-free. That's my aim. 85 years in life, without 1 second in quarantine. Back on topic.

    I remember what I wrote last time when I visited the simulator section here in this forum. CYVR - EDDF on board Randazzo's LH-B744, then Beech King Air 350 to Kloten, with an option to Lugano. Travel Reason: semi-pro investigation. Do you really need a two engined Turbopropeller like the BE350 to safely cross Piz Segnas during
    a) a hot day, 76°F or more during take off at Locarno (25°C), with
    b) MTOW! In a BE350, I'd clearly deny MTOW, for a route which is as short as a little jump of 100 or 150 nautical miles, from Locarno to Dübendorf. But what...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-05-03, 03:28. Reason: I have never tried elev 13,015 AMSL with a lawnmower engine and 55 hp. And I'm alive after all. Which I appreciate.

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  • At KLM, they have a CEO who is not quite eight years older than me (!). Thus, he really reaches 50 years in life this year. And he thought, well, let's erase everything out of the KLM fleet which is not as old as me, e.g. the KLM 747 history?

    I know, Elbers is loyal to the 737. But only because she's older than him? There are men on this planet who need women who are older, e.g. Emmanuel Macron.

    Thank God, at Lufthansa we have a CEO who already is older than the 747. I don't know how old his wife is, but, in my eyes it's good when she's one or three years younger.
    747, inaugurated 1969...

    I'm a fan of the Lufthansa CEO, not only because he let's survive the 747. Originally, his home airport also was Lohausen International!

    PS: Now, I really have a problem. With my age, I am definitely closer to Sonja Zietlow, than to Victoria Swarovski (!). 15.7 years, there are men in Germany who laugh about that difference..
    And now...
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  • Wow. And I thought, our colleagues at Schiphol could go through the Golden Gate together with us. But KLM aborted the race, with the target always visible. That somehow is sad, especially after they always stay in my mind with jetphotos like this: [the PFB at Maho Beach, August 2006]
    .. [the PFN at Maho Beach, September 2004]
    And, this is indeed of French Origin, and I like to say, after 42 years in life, this is my favorite Boeing 747 jetphoto of all times (!). Here it is.

    So, with KLM another one leaves the 747 club.
    KLM (1971-2020).
    And at KLM they were not able to wait those few weeks, until February 2021?

    Or was it the aim of our colleagues at Schiphol, that only 1 airline in Europe should be the Gold Member in the 747 club, for 50 years in the air with the 747?

    As far as I know,...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-05-02, 23:31. Reason: KLM in the 747 club (1971-2020). 49.9 years, that's a decision.

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  • First of all, let me welcome you to the jetphotos forum, you shiny new member.

    Back on topic. Well, I'd say it depends on what you understand as a hub. Today, I'd only talk about a hub as a hub, if we talk about let's say the beginning of the year 2020, January or February. I don't know if you yet have seen it, many many many [...] many many airports today worldwide do not really provide that many passenger flights. A different thing is the Cargo section...

    But if we really do talk about JFK as one of THE passenger airports which is used by a very large number of long haul jet a/c types, Boeing 747-800, Airbus A330, .. Alitalia.. 772ER and 332, ...,
    then I'd say, there are more tailfins which do not belong to AA than there are AA tailfins at JFK, at least concerning the long haul.
    Let me count the AA long haul destinations which do start at JFK: 1. Barcelona 2. Ezeiza 3. Heathrow 4. Madrid 5. Malpensa 6. CDG
    That's it.
    Now the rest,...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-05-02, 22:13. Reason: Flag Carriers in Italy, Spain, Portugal, ... ... ...

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