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  • Clint Eastwood is btw also valid as an interruption. It is not a law that we have to continue with younger people, after Mr Selleck.

    But Eastwood is too easy, isnt it. Everybody knows that I admire him. 90 years now, so he was ... 48 when I was born? Eastwood is worth two interruptions, 2 x 45 years.

    So far for today.
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  • Famous people you'd like to see in a passenger jet...

    Have you ever met famous people on board a passenger jet? If yes, you should probably not say the name.

    I'm interested in people who you know from TV or from the movies, and who you somehow admire,
    and who you've never seen in a passenger jet.

    Here, I am the threadstarter, so I should have one woman or one man in mind. And yes, that's true.

    Tom Selleck. I don't know if he avoids commercial flights which we discuss here. But in my eyes, he is a good guy. He is a winter child, like me. And he knows the answer, always when I wonder if Higgins is a woman. No, definitely not, not in the Original. And I like the Original. Hawaii, 1980.

    PS: One minute ago, here on my screen happened a thing which you could not invent. My thought was, Simon & Simon is another Original which they show on German TV from time to time. San Diego, 1981. How many sentences in your mother tongue are allowed per week. This is the start of the topic, so probably...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-07-14, 07:55. Reason: Interrupt me, why not with a woman.

  • Somebody here in this forum once said, you should better write good German than bad English. If Brian still remembers what he said back then... Now I could say, it is his fault. But there indeed is an
    empire state of mind (another song), which you only can describe in your mother tongue. Now I say, it is his fault.

    Es gibt Momente, da freut er sich wieder wie ein kleiner Junge, der ein lange verloren geglaubtes Spielzeug wiederfindet. Kein neu gekauftes Spielzeug, sondern eines, mit dem schon sein Vater gespielt hat. Endlich wird wieder geflogen! Mit der 747, Erstflug mit dem Kranich auf der Heckflosse April 1970.

    He can't describe that state of mind without wet eyes, in the air again, after more than 50 years in the fleet!
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  • Was für ein Schelm, that's what we say here in Germany when I perceive that with not 1 single word you have answered my entry #32 !

    In English? Hm, let me try to ask my dictionary, which says... 'a naughty little beggar' , for the German word 'Schelm'.
    But I'm not sure if that's what I wanted to say. There is another German saying, and this time you should try to find a translation, because I do not quite trust my dictionary. Here it is.
    Er hat es faustdick hinter den Ohren.

    Back on topic..

    My problem really is not my computer, which quite some time ago I have chosen wisely, so that even during the summer it does not get too hot. Probably I should really try to offer my knowledge about computer hardware for one or two another German companies. But then not without payment.
    Since I know that computer controlled air conditioning systems in German trains regularly stop working when the Outside temperature is more than 25°C...
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  • This is why I always love the Original source. Now, if I had a youtube account, I could ask the person who uploaded that video back then in October 2015. Or I could read all those 1376 video comments, to find out where that little window in the upper right corner comes from. But that isn't really my plan.

    The maneuver in the video is interesting: First of all, a 20 degree bank angle right corner, and then the PF pushes the yoke almost out of the cockpit, so that over portside his jet begins a nosedive, upside down.

    I like to second what Gabriel said. That definitely is not a stall exercise.

    That maneuver somehow reminds me of the fatal HB-HOT crash (August 2018_), which according to eyewitnesses was precisely,
    a nosedive over portside, all three propellers ahead, with a 90 degree vertical impact into the rock.

    Really interesting. That video was first published (?) in 2015. So, that video somehow shows how to escape a nosedive over...
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  • Hm. Our beloved forum server here again seems to show one or two technical problems.. Gabe, what do you do if your computer does not do what you want to do?
    Kick that thing in the a**, right?

    Back on topic.

    Wasn't it possible for that Junior threadstarter to give us the original youtube link. But I'll forgive him. He still seems so shiny new, after all those years..

    Online since 2015, but I've seen that video for the first time today. This is the original source:

    I have one question, 'it’s real life and not in the sim', somebody said. I could second what he says, but what is that small window in the upper right corner, at 00:35.

    Where does that come from?

    PS: Fsx is able to produce such a window. But the cockpit seems like what I know from jetphotos, from a real B744 cockpit. That cockpit seems to be real.
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-07-13, 23:57. Reason: + the Original source.

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  • Test.
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  • Back on topic. Valid for this Tuesday.

    LH #470 FRA - YYZ .. and what I thought, that is one of the best routes for my avatar. But for a while, the schedule says LH-A343 .

    LH #572 FRA - JNB .. still not yet 'the short' 747 (B744), but B748. There we go again!

    PS: This is definitely a 747 destination. And I almost can't believe that after one year, 'we' are there again, with the same a/c type! In German, I'd say,
    'Das ist ein zelebrierungswürdiger Moment.'
    Back again at Jo'anna (Kool & The Gang). Here is the jetphoto:
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-07-14, 03:34. Reason: + Jo'anna.

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  • Am I able to open the link which you provide here without that my computer says 'Beeeep' and is dead forever?!

    There are not so many men here on this platform who would simply throw a weblink into this forum without any comment. So, what I assume, that is Brian, noone else has misused that forum account.

    To make it short. I will not open that link until you tell me what that is....
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  • Mr Spohr, I need another one.

    Düsseldorf without JFK nonstop, that's really ridiculous and that never happened since I know my home airport, Lohausen International. Now since 40 years. Come with me and see.

    Lufthansa Lockheed Super Constellation, who was part of the Lufthansa fleet between 1955 and 1968. One of the first routes:
    Hamburg - Düsseldorf - Shannon - (Sept Iles) - New York City.

    Lohausen Intl still is the third biggest airport in Germany, established in 1927.

    I always hated the former Lufthansa CEO C. Franz because he always ignored where the 'new Lufthansa' after 1955 started again. In Köln, und nirgendwo anders.

    Mr Spohr, you once were 100% convinced of EDDL, I know that because I know where you are born.

    If, and only if you try to participate in EDDF of passenger numbers which we here create at EDDK and EDDL, you MUST be sure that the Lohausen - Rhein/Main airlift is stable,

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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-06-20, 03:28. Reason: Deutschland ist noch nie zentralistisch in Frankfurt/Main organisiert gewesen. Danke für die Diskussion!

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  • Alex, I need another one..

    Valid flight numbers for this summer.

    Well. I even asked Rhein/Main Intl what they think about Basel/Mülhausen. The answer was, oh God, yes, we wrote connections to BSL, with CR9 (!), but you should always contact your airline for answers.
    Which I also did. My favorite airline of all times, the Lufthansa, submitted connections with BSL to the operators of the Rhein/Main airport website. I don't really think that somebody at FRA invented this without any source... ................
    frankfurt-airport dot com

    beginning with Saturday, July 4th 2020, these are flight numbers which I have found just in this very moment:
    LH#1202 FRA 0950 - BSL 1040 nonstop, 0h50min in the air.

    But that tiny CR9 is not the problem or at least not the first problem which I have when I try to book a flight from DUS to BSL.

    Due to the fact that BSL here at Lohausen...
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  • Back on topic.

    Since the early Friday morning, I really have spent some hours to find out another way to Basel-Mülhausen. Here on my table I look at the
    Lohausen International airport summer schedule (April 2019).

    This document contains the following flight numbers:
    Eurowings # 9712 >> DUS 0715 - BSL 0840 freq 12345--
    Eurowings # 9714 >> DUS 1825 - BSL 1925 freq 12345--

    I know that here at Lohausen Intl we are not yet back at the summer schedule April 2019. Due to

    that damn disease,

    your and my summer holiday will not start that easy, at least not if you are used to aviation since 40 years.

    Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter mbH was the operator of the flights to Basel-Mülhausen, back then in April 2019. They used their
    DeHavilland Dash 8-400 turbopropeller fleet
    for the flights to Basel.

    The newest news is, since June 15th 2020 everybody here in this forum and...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-06-20, 00:58. Reason: What would I have to pay for such a turbopropeller?

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  • I must be honest, I opened this topic only because of one important happening. One week after my birthday this year, aviation really stopped to exist. And I celebrated my 42nd birthday with the knowledge, my father has driven me to Lohausen International airport when I was so young that I preferred to sit in the Kinderwagen, when I was not really able to explore the third biggest airport in Germany on my own feet. Age? Younger than 3. Thus, my signature not even tells it all. Aviation enthusiast since 1980, that really comes close to the truth.

    And what is a man able to do after 40 years of aviation as a hobby? In German that would be,
    In diesem Leben bin ich wahrscheinlich zu nichts anderem mehr tauglich.

    So, now, after 40 years of aviation enthusiasm, my Lohausen International airport comes back to life again. I only know one another jetphotos senior member who could be able to celebrate a similar jubilee on his home airport. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw.
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  • In contrast to the threadstarter, I even was here when Delta ... hm. Let me try that in German again. Alex, you'll translate?
    Im Gegensatz zum ersten Themenbeitrag hier kenne ich diese Plattform schon bevor Delta die DL-McDonnell Douglas DC9-30 ausgeflottet hat im Jahr 2010.
    ausgeflottet, in English?

    Back to the original platform language. When Delta had the last flight of the Delta DC9-30 in the year 2010 here in this forum we also had a mourning, and one or two people opened a bottle.

    Back then, the Delta CEO already was unromantic.

    Delta DC9-30, from 1967 until 2010. 43 years, not 40, not 45, not 50, no.

    But I remember, that I opened a bottle in 2010. 43 years in the air is not really bad, for the Delta DC9-30.
    Elvis Presley died before he achieved 43 years on this planet....
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  • Hm. Does somebody know when Delta inaugurated the MD-88? Ah. Wikipedia sometimes tries to hide the answers, but here it is.

    Somebody has counted that in the Delta Fleet there once had been not less than ... 120 aircraft of the type DL-MD88.
    Delta inaugurated the a/c type MD-88 in the year 1987.

    And that is what I always do not understand. Gabriel is able to understand that, but I'd say, why don't you have the last flight of an DL-MD88 not in the year 2017, or in the year 2022.
    The last flight of a DL-MD88, after 35 years in the DL fleet. That's something which even I would open a bottle upon, in the year 2022.

    Airline CEOs sometimes are so very unromantic.

    The Delta CEO is born in the year 1957. So, thirty years before the inauguration of the DL-MD88. I don't know if the Delta CEO really is unromantic. But now the last flight after... 33 years?

    What I can say is, when I became 33 years old, nobody opened a bottle...
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