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  • I just tried to edit my #18. But then 'Last edited by LH-B744; Today, 08:18.' gets lost. And that mustn't get lost. Ich bin keine 9 Jahre jünger, es sind nur acht und ein paar Monate. Immer noch oder wieder BMW, nach einem Zwischenspiel bei Porsche. Wenn man einmal dieses komplett auf den Fahrersitz zugeneigte Cockpit erfahren hat, wer will dann noch was anderes.

    Back to the official jetphotos language. Since 2018, I am an official member of the Nordschleife community, with a passive status, i.e. I was only there at the 24 hours as a viewer. I am here in this forum to explain that experience in aviation is priceless. You must come back to the BMW M5, now with 600 horse power. During my 41 years I've never lost someone with that day of birth. The Nordschleife is your road, nobody knows it better than you!

    As I mentioned, 170 PS in a 325i are good, but on the road between Duisburg and Nürburg I can drive that engine for you. Together with Lance David Arnold (also...
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  • Hey Gabe. Ok I'll give you the point. But let's be serious. Have you ever sat in an aircraft (!), we do no longer talk about cars, where you have felt the difference between 100 and 110 hp?
    + 10 hp?

    I've once sat in a Renault Captur with 90 hp. That car was not able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 13 seconds, in German we call such cars a Wanderdüne. The stronger engine in that Renault is the 118 hp engine. + 28 hp. In a car. Which almost let that Renault take off: in 9.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h with a vmax of 190 km/h.

    All that happened after I asked them for a BMW, in advance. I usually get engines like the 320d limousine with 190 hp when I ask them. This one goes from 0 to 100 in 7 seconds.
    They obviously had a bad hair day.

    Even I have never in my whole life used a BMW M5 engine, never during all the 41 years in my life. But that was a message which was discussed when I became a jetphotos forum member in 2008....
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2019-12-03, 07:18. Reason: Gesundheit ist unbezahlbar. Nicht nur für Luftfahrzeugtypen die 50 Jahre im Programm sind, junge Frau.

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  • Back on topic. The Pilatus PC 12 turboprop in my eyes is not really 'a small plane', Erez. Indeed this single turboprop is longer than one twin turboprop which I sometimes fly in the simulator:
    Pilatus PC 12 - length 14,40 m - wingspan 16,28 m. That's not small at all.
    Beechcraft B350 Super King Air Simulator - length 14,22 m - wingspan 17,65 m.

    Once I was asked if I had visited the USA to see how the NTSB is working. The answer is no. But I always sit near my TV when Greg Feith appears in it. You don't know which case I'm aiming at?

    On the evening of July 16th 1999, Mr John F Kennedy Junior entered his new Piper Saratoga (manufacturer code: PA-32R) to fly from Essex County Airport to Martha's Wineyard. One pilot with zero flight hours on type plus unexperienced by night and above the Ocean, plus two female passengers. The result is known: dead, All three souls on board.
    The Saratoga impacted with almost full cruise speed on the Atlantic Ocean,...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2019-12-03, 06:02. Reason: JFK juniors death at the age of only 38

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  • That's exactly what I sometimes think about my home airport, Lohausen International (DUS). But we still are open for all propellers, down to a quite ridiculous size for an Intercontinental airport. Cessna 172P? Yes, why not, if you pay the landing fee at DUS.

    Somehow I'm also proud that we here are open for almost all engines, single prop without turbo (Antonov AN2P, e.g.), single prop with turbo, all twin turboprops, all jets (two engines, B773ER e.g.), and even all jets (four engines). Antonov 124, Boeing 747 and even the rather fat swan A380, here we bring you into the air again.

    The only exception might be, balloons. Once, the EDDL CT had such a request. Which we had to deny, afaik. No gliders and no balloons. You don't want a 773ER in your neck if you sit in a glider don't you. But almost every engine which is bigger than a Rasenmäher is able to get clearance to land here at DUS.

    Imho, the guys at the EDDL CT take it as a sport. #1 a Cessna 152...
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  • LH-B744
    replied to Canary Islands hub
    Oh ATL. Most of the time I go from the threadstarter directly or nonstop to my answer. Seems like a mistake. Man, should you lie to such shiny new forum members. I mean, he still did not write his second forum entry, not since he joined this forum last Wednesday. Thats ur fault!

    I just wonder, was I too hard with him in my #5.

    I mean, reality is hard. And his idea was romantic somehow. I don't have to mention the year when Los Rodeos was substituted for the first time by the Tenerife South airport, with today 11 million passengers. November 1978, right. But the 'New' Tenerife South, 41 years old today, also has only 1 runway.

    ATL. Can you imagine not only an international but an intercontinental hub with only 1 runway?!
    I really can't, for a 'Hub', a meeting point for airlines from the North, the East, the South and the West. Something like Lohausen International we do need, don't we. At least 2 runways, plus 3 quite comfortable ...
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  • LH-B744
    replied to Canary Islands hub
    Hey. First of all, let me welcome you to the endless world of jetphotos. Good that you landed here. But now let me show you what also happened during the procedures which you describe. You pretty much tell a true story about aviation in the late 1970s, don't you.

    The Canary Islands as a connection between Northern Europe and America. Unfortunately, that theoretically quite brilliant idea resulted in definitely the most devilish aviation catastrophe during half a century which the Boeing 747 now is in the air and I still expect more.

    Los Rodeos International airport GCXO, March 27th 1977. The two long haul jets involved on that infamous day in aviation.
    #1 Pan Am 'Clipper Victor', a Boeing 747-100 with 394 souls (!) on board, on her way from LAX with a stop in NYC, scheduled arrival was Gran Canaria, where all passengers of that exclusive charter flight should board a cruise ship. But that never happened. The alternate airport was Los Rodeos, because Gran...
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  • Wow. On a normal Friday morning I had tried to edit my #61. But this night seems to be special. Probably it is. When German Radio Hosts officially speak this sentence into the mic:
    (roughly translated by me) 'The calendar does not really yet say winter. But the weather for today asks you, ok, starting with 0400 p.m., what do our listeners like to do. Why not filling a decent amount of hot wine punch into yourself.' I do not quite remember the name of that local radio station. But I feel good now that I know that they are approx doing the same as I do.

    Back on topic. Not for nothing, the last chairman of the supervisory board of the Lufthansa AG which I know by name, Mr Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Mayrhuber was an
    engineer for jet engine construction (and maintenance), for almost 48 years, between 1970 and October 2017.

    In Germany, jet engines are not only maintained but constructed, fan blade material reliability, vib rate .. Again, no understanding for maintenance...
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  • Evan's aviation dictionary again. This is so very helpful for me. Especially if well known English - Deutsch dictionaries do not work with that expression.

    On board a B773ER? A stooge is someone who gives the screw to the mechanic who fixes the screw. In German, hopefully you forgive me, I'd translate that with
    1) 'übertriebenes Subunternehmertum' ,
    or, not really much easier,
    2) 'Auflösung der hauseigenen Wartungsabteilung' . In an airline which exists since 1941? Probably not.

    Lufthansa Technik and its predecessors since 1962 owns the right to maintain not only all aircraft and jets in our own fleet, but since that year 'we' also maintain all flights with US-American origin. I don't know if Obama's 747 is an exception. But theoretically we are able to provide all the screws which are needed.

    Thus, maintenance failure is such a hard word for me, almost impossible to understand.

    You simply do not try to...
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  • Hm.

    PS: There must be something between your home airport and my home airport. Something like .. DL #091 nonstop. This saturday with B764ER. Who would switch from B763ER (which I know with 250 seats) to the bigger B764ER without demand.
    Nonstop flight conversation within one word.

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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2019-11-29, 02:13. Reason: B764ER .

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  • Oh 747Bob. You shouldn't be so theoretical. I am SO proud that the 747-400 and the 747-800 jets still are in the air without MCAS software garbage,
    and that indeed since almost half a century. That's a real practical advantage! Not only for members who are in the 747 club since 1970..

    Btw... the 747 in cube design (150x150) works, but beautiful are different resolutions, or what do you think.

    Back on topic. I have found also a German source for that PR-B773ER incident. Here it is.

    342 passengers and a 18 soul crew. I always compare passenger numbers to my avatar.. Certainly I'm old school, I was born when the 744 was not yet invented, so my avatar should rather be the LH-B742. INS navigation, and not less than 700 clocks instead of 4 displays..

    Back then in 1980 nobody on Earth would have tried to cross the Pacific Ocean...
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  • Autoland as an extra for (almost) each and every single piston.. And I thought that I am one of those guys who are spoiled by technology! With Randazzo's LH-B744 fsx simulator in use.
    I can say where autoland is absolutely useless. My logbook a.o. mentions the following simulator flights this autumn. EDDL - MUVR on board LH-B744 fsx. Et Voila.
    Varadero International only has 1 single ILS system, for the rwy 06 afaik.

    So, if atc directs you to the MUVR rwy 24, you can forget everything which you've ever known about autoland. Not the matter if you sit in a LH-B744 simulator, or in a Grumman Goose, or in a Cessna 172P, or... name an a/c of ur choice.

    PS: Varadero - Santa Clara on board the Grumman Goose fsx, Santa Clara traffic pattern to Las Brujas and back without main gear on the ground, on board... should I mention that, it might sound arrogant.. on board Blue Angels #3 McDonnell F/A 18 Hornet. Sounds like a lie that this bird is included in fsx,...
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  • Evan's encyclopedia: Human-ness. That word really has impressed me.

    Now that we all know that a not so very unknown jetphotos forum senior opened this topic, for me still one question is open.

    Do we need aircraft for which three rather experienced forum members wonder,
    'What is it doing now' ?!

    My answer is known. But I was also the one who recommended this bird as the 'new avatar' for Gabriel. Lockheed TriStar: Famous on my home airport Lohausen Airport International,
    since May 1973. The LTU TriStar, here Famous For Fast (or very fast) flights with a normal speed of M 0.90 ... , (almost) zero incidents (one hull loss 1991 without human life on board),
    and indeed zero dead passengers and zero injured passengers!

    As you see, I prefer fast aircraft which do not necessarily need software update all 24 months.. I do not know all material about the 747, but everytime that I watch Sutter's 747 documentation on German TV, I...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2019-11-24, 09:12. Reason: Fast, and very very very very reliable. LH-B744, inaugurated 1989. Zero dead passengers and zero heavily injured passengers on type since then, afaik.

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  • Gabriel. For 2000 US-$ I find you a shop who sells you a customized case which you'll not find everywhere with not necessarily the most expensive but some very fine electronic parts in it.
    Rest: 1000 US-$.

    Plus a rather unimportant European airline who sells you a return flight between Rhein/Main and Houston nonstop, on board, what would you guess when I write that entry, a Boeing 747-800 passage jet ...
    Rest: still clearly more than zero US-$ .
    Only a rough guess, but I don't own that nickname since 11 years without a little bit of knowledge about the prices..

    PS: I really really really miss my signature. Is knowledge about fine electronic parts a topic which I should exclusively discuss with 3WE and Gabriel? Accuphase, Bowers & Wilkins, McIntosh, ELAC Kiel GmbH, Grundig Nürnberg, Harman & Kardon, Naim, Ortofon, Restek, SME, Spectral, Stax elektrostat, Thiel CS, ...
    Warning: Especially the German customs often confuse 'knowledge...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2019-11-17, 09:39.

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  • 450. US-Dollars? Another assumption. Later this sunday I could telephone with Delta concerning DL #091, today with B764ER. And probably I could find a day, still this year, when they offer me the return flight for 450, i.e. to KATL and back to Düsseldorf.

    That's unbelievably expensive, for only 1 hour in a simulator. Who sits in the leftseat? Flight Captain Randazzo himself, or John Travolta?

    I have never asked Delta how much a real flight hour with a real Boeing 737 check Captain in the left seat would cost. But in Europe, you pay clearly less than 450, and you really take off, not in a jet, but in a propeller.

    PS: Gabe. I forgot to tell you that in Europe also a computer which is able to run fsx plus fsgrw plus Randazzo's LH-B744 simulator (copyright Robert Randazzo, anno 2009) is less than 2000.
    US-Dollars if you want. Clearly less than that. Or did I mention that already this year. I really can't believe that Intel cpu's should be more expensive...
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  • I just wonder if it isn't rather Evanesque , or Evanescence. Before this topic really takes off, I like to bring back the reason why the threadstarter started this topic.

    On February 28th 2018, an Estonian Airbus A320, with domestic registration ES-SAN, was en route during training flights, seven souls on board (7), all crew. They were flying 'go around', 'approach', 'go around' and so on, all g.a.'s with at least the main gear on the ground.
    In German this is a Platzrunde, or quite a few of them. In English.. traffic patterns is the expression which I like most. If you ask the internet you can find translations which I've never heard on an airport..
    Tallinn International airport was the place which they used for training. A place which seems to be good not only for A320 training:
    EETN 08/26 11,417 ft/3480 m @ 131 AMSL .

    For the next go around the pilot tried to accelerate, but somehow he was not able to take all the thrust with him after he...
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  • That's quite perfect, and so very much faster than I could reach my avatar with a view from above. Ah, indeed I've found some, too.
    Wieso in die Ferne schweifen wenn das Gute liegt so nah.
    Ole German saying. Thus, this is what I found:
    (Careful when downloading that picture, somebody thought
    that true 4K resolution could be helpful so that we can count the screws in every single seat.)

    Yes. The 747 wings never had such a small wing sweep angle, 37.5 degree, that's what I learned 1 minute ago.
    The rather fat swan only shows 33.5 degree, measured from the perpendicular (in your picture or in my picture), as I assume....
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  • I'd guess that's not true for all airlines which you n me know. Let me begin with the Flyin Kangaroos,
    also known as Qantas, who also joined the 747 club in 1971. Until today I haven't heard that they would leave the club. The QF-B744ERs stay in the fleet at least until 2020.
    Jubilees do count. Imagine you were 21 years old. No jubilee which you could look forward to soon...

    Then the Flying Dutchmen,
    also known as KLM. I only say it again. Jubilees do count!

    Last but not least,
    the LH-B744 .

    Jubilees do count, believe me....
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  • El Al joined the 747 club in 1971 when they ordered one shiny new 747-200. But why do they leave the 747 club now, only 2 years before the jubilee?

    I tried to ask the internet when El Al inaugurated the 747-400, and it responded 'April 24th 1994' . So, if the first LY-B744 was among the last 747s which left the El Al fleet in November 2019, she was not quite 25 years and 7 months old. Not an age to retire, in my eyes. That LY-B744 could have celebrated the jubilee at the age of 27 years.

    Again, that's no difference to 25.7 years in my eyes.

    But it is as it is. The El Al Boeing 78 79 takes over.
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  • Am I online tonight to explain what you wrote? I just thought, who on earth would draw an A380 in combination with El Al. Until I saw what's in the last link which Erez posted in #1 .

    Am I able to distinguish a B744 and an A388 by only lookin at it from above? I don't know, but I know what you mean. The ex LY-B744s rather look like a heron, or in case of my avatar the word is 'Kranich', if you look at it from above. Rather slim with mighty wings. And not like an overweight swan... Was that also your impression?

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  • LH-B744
    replied to Changing Email addresses?
    I did send an email because I missed this forum yesterday. Nobody yesterday positioned a sign on top of the main site which said 'Be patient, we will soon have a shiny new forum!' .

    So, yes I agree that this forum is not hosted under my table. And thank God it's back online again.

    Btw, the 'biography' section in all our profiles has vanished?

    PS: After all, the forum really looks shiny new, so I'd say, one day offline was worth it. ...
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