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  • Hey. Don't you leave me that fast, for dinner, or for whatever you like to do. I don't count seconds, but I do count years. 12 years, in December, always with you in the background.

    Yes, it is also a surprise for me, that until today, August 28th, really nobody proceeded that far with the new fs 2020 so that he or she would be able to show us at least 1 'photo', taken during one of their fs 2020 flights. I mean, fs 2020 is sold by Microsoft since when, since August 18th.

    So, today is the 10th day after fs 2020 was published. I like to second what you said. It almost seems to be impossible that within 10 days, not one jetphotos member was able to take at least one picture of fs 2020 in flight.

    I mean, for Senior members things sometimes seem to be much easier. But a picture of fsx or fs 2020 in flight is not such a big secret.

    As I said in the last 3 or 5 sentences of my # 54, I assume that all these potential new fs 2020 pilots have...
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  • Gabe, I know why you thought that you have to use five question marks. You opened this topic when? Early enough, I'll look that up soon.

    And then I mentioned August 18th 2020 here in my #47, and then you mentioned again August 18th in your #48. And then, what happened here in this topic, on August 18th. Not so very much, or we better say nothin.

    Why didn't you simply ask me for the reason of that big silence. Five question marks in a row, that really is not your style, or is it.

    In Germany, alot of people still are in the summer holidays. I assume at least that's true for 2 x 12, so approx 24 Million Germans, most of them South of EDDL .

    August in my eyes never was a month when I sat at my fsx simulator for whole days and whole nights. Althought the nights in late August can be quite cold here at Lohausen International.
    +18C right now, which Thank God is less than +29C, only a few nights ago.

    Gabe, do you allow me...
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  • Ahm. I know that I also sometimes use THIS NICE BUTTON WITH A B (for BOLD) ON IT , but only once a week, and only without five question marks.

    My dear friend. Are you sure that you have not eaten parts of the propeller of your nice avatar for breakfast, last wednesday?!

    Holy crap. I don't like to discuss that with Alex, but .. men have been thrown out of forums for two or three months for less. Given that they are not 'Teil des Inventars', as we say in Germany. And given that they don't have friends who are two weeks older than Alex. You lucky one you.

    Btw, greetings....
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