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  • Hm. What do I think. You are on board the jetphotos platform, longer than I am. Thus, I assume that, when you became a jetphotos member back then in 2008,
    you definitely had some sort of a graphics chip/graphics solution 'under your fingers'. Even already back then in 2008!

    No computer on this planet works without at least some sort of a graphics solution, and that is true since the year when I was born!

    What you might have, is a so called 'on board graphics solution' , which is a computer chip which is only responsible for the translation of bits and bytes, i.e. a data stream, into something visible which we can read or watch on a screen.
    As I said, without at least one area where you plug in your screen (or, for notebooks, that works without that you have to plug in something, via a 'permanent cable' inside), you are not able to see what your computer is doing. Rather useless, or what would you think. And that is true since... more than 35 years....
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  • 26° C OAT (Outside Air Temperature) right in this moment at Lohausen Intl. And it doesn't seem to get any colder during the next 60 minutes..

    At midnight, I found out that at the end of the following flight, we have shared exactly the same temperature, which was 29°C or 85°F , at midnight (!). Here is the flight number.

    LH # 584 from Rhein/Main to Cairo (A321 neo).

    That means, here at Lohausen Intl, we had the same temperature as in Cairo at midnight!

    And I don't like to leave this platform today without another two flight numbers... ...

    LH # 1308, from Rhein/Main to Beirut (type 333), and definitely not without
    LH # 694, an ex B744 route, from Rhein/Main to Ben Gurion (type 321).

    I had an idea this weekend, why not 744 instead of the 333, to Beirut. In a 744, there still is a little bit more space, for a wheel loader, for emergency generators, and for,
    I once said also for one metric ton of books,...
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  • What did I say a few days ago? Jetphotos is one of the brilliant platforms, not only for aviation history. But also for the present, in aviation.
    Er freut sich wie ein kleiner Junge, der ein lange verloren geglaubtes Spielzeug wieder sieht.
    In English? Well, I'd say it is Brian's turn. But during this summer, he does not seem fast enough.

    I'm happy as a monkey in a monkey tree, happy as a boy, who after one year again finds his favorite toy which I almost seem to have lost.

    This is the Summer schedule Rhein/Main (IATA: FRA) for the summer 2020:

    LH #456 FRA - LAX , and the a/c type for this sunday, August 9th 2020? 1 jetphoto says more than 1000 words. Here it is:

    Only one thing is different today, cp to the jetphoto, it is not the Yankee Tango in her brilliant '1978 style' livery, but the Yankee Juliett. Music. I don't know why I have Jon Bon Jovi in mind, every time...
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  • There are people who survive, and, Thank God, there are a/c types who survive. Another German saying. And this time I try tro tranlate, I promise.
    "Oh wie schön ist Panama." by Janosch (1978, no joke ) . Men who survive, 90 years next year. And a winter child, like me.
    In English (my own translation): "Oh how nice is Panama."
    I will cure you, said the bear to the little tiger. Ich mach dich gesund, sagte der Bär (1985).

    And this is the jetphoto on topic:

    The Victor Papa. I don't know where she is right now. But Panama seems to be a good place for a 747.
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-08-09, 03:25. Reason: The bear cured the little tiger, not the other way round.

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  • The list of current members in the 747 club.. Well. Even in Europe, the list becomes shorter and shorter. Who was in the club back then in the 20th Century, when I was born.
    Not Virgin Atlantic. I am older than Virgin Atlantic, omg . But VS is another entry: former member of the 747 club, since May 2020.
    And not Corsair. I am older, again.. omg. And Corsair is another entry: former member of the 747 club, since April 2020.

    Back to the members in the 747 club ('passage version', i.e. with seats and windows), in Europe when I was born.
    Aer Lingus, Alitalia, Air France, British Airways, Condor Flugdienst, Iberia (1970-2006), KLM, Olympic Airlines, SAS Scandinavian, Sabena, TAP Lisboa, ...

    You can add an airline if you miss one. But spontaneously I count eleven 747 club members in Europe, when I was born. And today? Zero. Zero members of the 747 club when I was born are still in the club.

    In Germany, whe have a saying, der zwölfte...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-08-09, 02:33. Reason: In the club, since more than 50 years.

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  • For a moment I forgot that here we are on board of one of the Best aviation platforms who I know. So what describes Lugano, better than 1000 words? Right, a jetphoto. Here it is.

    This seems to be a real B350. Seven windows on each side. I know that there are also smaller versions, B90 and so on. In the background, you see what the standard departure from the Lugano rwy 01 is all about. Behind that Beech twin-turbopropeller, that should be hdg 010.

    This is only the Southern end, the rather flat end (!) of the Swiss Alps. Definitely not the typcial scenery where you find weak single props, e.g. Cessna 152, Cessna 182, ...

    Did I mention what my feeling for the way down to Lugano told me, in the fsx simulator?

    - You better take 2 x 1,050 hp turbopropellers with you (in a Beech B350), these hills are definitely bigger than what I see here at Lohausen Intl.
    But I might repeat...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-07-31, 06:38. Reason: A real B350, if you ask me. I like it.

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  • Another problem which I see is, no one on Earth has ever tried to fly the Original route again, in something like a Junkers Ju-52 simulator. 3WE, you know me, I am here since more than 11 years. And I have never ever, not since 1978, heard of something like a Junkers Ju-52 simulator!

    You own more years here in this forum. Have you ever heard of something like a Junkers Ju-52 simulator? I mean, together with Gabriel, I sometimes discuss the msfs 2020 simulator. But I'm almost sure that msfs 2020 does not either include a Junkers Ju-52, which survives a test flight under the eyes of Flight Captain R.S. Randazzo..

    I don't know if I had already published that idea before, but I at least have the Original route, only slightly altered, from Lugano to Basel instead of Locarno to Dübendorf, in fsx.

    Basel - Lugano is really not the same as Dübendorf - Locarno, especially not after I also changed the aircraft. As I mentioned, I do not own the Junkers Ju-52...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-07-31, 05:04. Reason: In English? No problem.

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  • Obviously you are not Gabriel.

    He has not written 5000 forum entries since he's here in this forum.. Unbelievable. Sometimes I worry about him. He joined this forum eleven months before I did. And since then, he simply wrote 2,000 entries MORE than you? I mean, my next step is 1,500.
    And I confess, during that damn disease it is easier to write forum entries. But Gabriel seems to aim at the absolute jetphotos forum record, which is somewhere clearly above 10,000 right in this moment. The good thing is, you and me will be with him when that happens.

    Back on topic.

    Yes. Something broke. I also have discussed this topic offline, on various occasions. And, dependant on who you ask, some people say,

    why on EARTH would a Flight Captain (ex Swiss Airbus A340) who has gathered let's say 1000 flight hours on type Junkers JU-52 try air acrobatics?

    In an eighty year old tri-propeller without turbo, higher than alt 10,000...
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  • Ha.

    I do not know, who added this date to the German wikipedia /Qantas Airways (!), but this is a beginning:

    Inauguration of the first Qantas 747: July 30th 1971. So. If this is true, then I like to say 49 years.

    Qantas missed the 49 years only by a week? Well. Again, what a farewell, after 49 years (minus one week).

    Qantas. Afaik, the one and only airline on this planet who took off with the a/c type Boeing 747-400ER: [OEJ in Sydney, July 2020].
    >> On this one, I've read one or two comments, who other photographers wrote on the main page: 'Perfect timing', and I like to second that. And there is no need to be shocked. That's what happens if an a/c type is within one airline for 49 years. There is a 747 fleet chief, and at least one 747 check captain, more than one very experienced 747 Flight Captain, (from which airline might I know that from ...) And then, photos like...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-07-31, 01:49. Reason: Two Qantas 747 on two slightly different Flight Levels?

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  • Qantas is the very first airline who in my eyes is known worldwide and who ceased to exist as a member of the 747 club due to that damn disease.

    As I assume that the English wikipedia more or less is written by people who work for the airline which they write about, I like to quote en wikipedia /Qantas:

    And I wondered why there are so many QF-B744ER photos on the main page. And some of them are really really brilliant:

    Oscar Echo Juliet during some sort of air acrobatics. What a farewell. And I really didn't see that coming. I have not yet found the inauguration flight of the first Qantas B747, but if that is somewhere in the internet, I'll find that day.

    Qantas has left the 747 club. What a farewell.

    Qantas (1971-2020).

    PS: Since almost half an hour I try to find out, why somebody in the en wikipedia wrote "after 48 years". Let's assume the inauguration...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-07-30, 23:55. Reason: Qantas has left the club after 48 years.

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  • Hey. August 18, you forgot to mention the year. Which directly reminded me of a German airport project "South of Berlin" . And my answer became so long, so that you finished your answer first. That again reminds me of Berlin. How many airports or children have been finished in less than 14 years. Unbelievable.

    But back on topic.

    And there is no chance that you could try msfs 2020 with your current hardware?...
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  • .. Since more than 13 years, they try to build an International airport, South of Berlin. That must sound ridiculous to people who are 14 years old!

    And many International airports have separate railway stations where you'll find more or less fast trains which bring you downtown, at Lohausen International airport I'm sure, at Rhein/Main, yes I assume. But South of Berlin, they have a brandnew airport railway station, which since the year 2011 is ready to see its very first train. Gabriel. Could you imagine that nobody on this planet has ever seen this nine year old railway station, simply because the airport next to it has never been opened? 29 kilometers away from Berlin main station, and they said, we need trains which definitely are not faster than a moped, 51 minutes for that distance, or 34 km per hour.
    You would say, why so slow, in a completely new airport. Well, I had assumed that in a completely new railway station, the railtrack directly shows to the main station,...
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  • Hm. Thank God after all those years I'm able to edit (i.e. to shorten) the content between the quotation marks.

    August 18th, but which year? I only ask, because... did I ever mention, that there are people in Germany who since September, anno 2006 try to build an International airport, somewhere in Germany? Until today, July 28th 2020, all jets still use Tegel. And if you ask me, I will always prefer Tegel,
    because it is the only airport in Berlin, which has a nonstop Bus connection to Berlin Zoologischer Garten (West Berlin). Bus number X9, and 20 minutes later you are in downtown Berlin. West-Berlin, of course. I am old enough, but I never was able to look behind the wall.
    20 minutes! That will never again be achieved when they close Tegel!

    But back on topic.

    Somebody said, msfs 2020 is good to own 150 Gigabyte on your hdd .

    A good question would be, if really released in exactly 3 weeks (August 18th 2020, as I assume),...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-07-28, 01:03. Reason: Neu-Schönefeld airport in August, but which year?

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  • LH-B744
    LH-B744 posted a Visitor Message for Alex - Spot-This !
    Location: Switzerland. So, it should be ok when I write some words in our mother tongue (?).

    Bei den Leuten aus der Schweiz weiß man ja nie, welche Sprache die wirklich sehr gut beherrschen, im Zweifel einfach alle.
    Michelle Hunziker. Bei Deutsch und Englisch komme ich ja noch mit ihr mit, aber.. Niederländisch?!

    Roger Federer. Bei Niederländisch muss er auch passen. Aber wie ist das mit "hochdeutsch", in Basel.

    Lange Rede kurzer Sinn sagt man hier, bevor wir uns auf "Du" verständigt hatten, war eigentlich klar, Deutsch geht auch, wenn ich mich wirklich nicht komplett täusche.

    Alles Gute nachträglich zum Geburtstag! Na, wie fühlt es sich so, als "alter Mann"?

    [Diesen Spruch würde ich übrigens niemals anbringen, wenn ich nicht immer der Erste wäre, der ein jeweils biblisches Alter erreicht...]

    Wirklich Liebe Grüße ins Switzerland.
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  • Well. That's not quite true. I don't wanna say that this is completely untrue. I'd say, only the first part of your statement is true. Yes, most airlines, and especially these airlines which are known worldwide and who still exist today (!), current members in the 747 club since 40 or 50 years or more, those had been thrown into survival mode in March 2020. And I know what I am talking about. Back then in March, I was not sure if my nickname from then on only would be an empty fuselage without a real airline behind it!

    But March 2020 is behind us. And, at least what I can say about my home airport, "adding new routes is [no longer] way down" the list of priorities for Lufthansa (Eurowings).

    A short comparison. In May 2020, I counted a number of not much more than 20 international destinations here at Lohausen.

    Today, July 28th 2020, well, let me count again.. much more than 78 international destinations (!) again here at Lohausen,
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2020-07-27, 22:33. Reason: More than 78, probably more than 80

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  • Yes that's true, I can confirm the threadstarters question. And I see similarities to Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter mbH, a topic which I started only a few months ago.

    I own the Summer Schedule April 2019 for Lohausen International airport, as a pdf file. And I am quite happy with it. Thus, I'm able to say, what happened last summer, here on my home airport.

    Here is a choice of destinations which until today still are missing (cp. EDDL Summer Schedule April 2019):
    BE #9514 DUS 1250 - Guernsey 1515, once a week (only on Saturdays), a/c type DeHavilland Dash8 Q400 turbopropeller, with 2 x 5071 hp each ..
    BE #1898 DUS 2100 - Southampton 2135, once daily, not on Saturdays, a/c type DeHavilland Dash8 Q400 turbopropeller,
    [all times are local]

    Flybe, which was founded in 1979, ceased to exist on March 5th 2020 (en wikipedia). They vanished from the skies after 40 years. Which is a bad thing and which makes me ask at least 2 questions....
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