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  • For the record, if were not for the absolutely horrendous search functions on this site, i'm fairly certain i could rustle up more than one post in the AF447 thread where evan lambasted the BEA for not taking action when it knew of problems with the pitot tubes and maybe a few more things.

    seems to me, we should've banned and isolated france...
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  • never "rest" when it appears that you are wrong.

    your point actually makes my argument stronger. we have identified many, many instances where "real" pilots effed up beyond comprehension. you of course were the FIRST to scream "it's the lack of safety culture at the airline!. a lack of training at the airline!" yet, i don't recall you demanding the banning of AF, or asiana etc etc etc.

    if the numbers reported are legit, it merely proves one of two things: licensing means near zero (cuz the VAST majority of flights in, out, and around pakistan are uneventful; or the pakistanis have figured out a way to change statistics.

    i am NOT advocating that unlicensed people be allowed to fly 100's of souls around the skies at mach .8. and i do not disagree that drastic changes need to be made in pakistan.

    what i am advocating is if we are going to ban the entire country based on shitty piloting and a shitty culture,...
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  • what was that?!?! oh, just the baby with the bathwater. and the tub. wait, there goes the commode!

    so 2 pilots screw the pooch 19 ways to sunday and the entire country is broken.


    funny how when THREE pilots screed the pooch 29 ways to sunday aboard an AF airbus, no one was calling to ban and isolate france, or S. korea after asiana @ SFO, or the dozens of US airlines whose pilots have done similar and astoundingly stupid things resulting in crashes and loss of lives.

    corruption you say? hell! let's ban boeing! there's no better example of corruption than those wonderful folks.
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  • sorry, thread title is all wrong. both crews did what they were supposed to do (fly the plane) and landed safely. yes, the cargo crew missed some checklists, but i dont see anywhere in either article where the crew pondered "what's it doing now?"

    rather, they both said, "oh shit! this plane is broke, let's land the sucker!"
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