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  • Ok, understood. I wasn't Elite in 2015 indeed.
    That's pretty sad, the ratio-based slots would be simply awesome to the site.

    Ok, at least I still can appeal hahahaha.

    Well, I know I may look frivolous saying that, you probably are doing all you can, but please do not give up the acceptance ratio based slots, it will be a major improvement to the site for sure.

    Best regards...
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  • And how a former JP Elite can get more than 20 slots?

    I am a former JP Elite and when I asked for more slots, it was denied.

    While the site does not have the slots based in acceptance ratio, I think two possibilities: 1- all ex Elite membres have the slots; 2- nobody have it (and the screening queue goes faster for all 20-slots-users)

    I myself cannot get more slots even being former Elite member and I have to wait a longer queue becase some people has way more slots to make the queue longer and longer...

    In the last 365 days, with an acceptance ratio of 89,7% and doing my best to use every slot I had, I got only 560 photos accepted......
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  • 1. yes, the sun rises behind that hills. ISO 400 1/50, was pretty dark yet.
    2. I'll try another, thanks!...
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  • Hello, what about the 727 as night shot (taken before sunrise)?
    The A330, will it be rejected by obstruction on the nose gear?
    And the 737, can this framing be accepted? I choose to keep it in the bottom of the frame and not cut the A380...
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