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  • Hi Mirko! Maybe you read it with another bias.
    Well, just clarify: I didn't say things ARE personal, I said "it seems to be". It's a small diferrence but changes completely the interpretation from an accusation for a disappointment with the sense that the screening is not following a standard. Which either happens more with the huge queue, or maybe is perception with the frustration of waiting so long for a rejection.

    The "personal" I've said comes together with the "incoherent". You're right, we can't measure it precisely with numbers for example, but for months we see people complaining about the contrast rejections, we can see our rejections and we can see some accepted photos a lot worse than our rejections, I already explained my point for 2 senior screeners, also in another thread here, so won't say all again, but since I got fine shots (not awesome, not perfect, but decent, acceptable) rejected and see on the site dark, grayish, photos...
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  • Didn't know that, so, have to say: sorry!

    You mean, in my case, if the screener corrected the aircraft model, then for every new upload of that aircraft the autofill would show both the model I filled and the model the screener corrected? Even if it's the first photo of that reg?

    Two things I respectfull wish to point out here:
    If you, as a team, know it is annoying, why doing this? Unless it's totally necessary, something really bad that the first screener missed, if that "issue" wasn't mentioned first, perhaps it isn''t something to worry about. And 25 ~ 30 screeners is not a HUGE group of people, it is not THAT HARD to follow some standard. A "variable" is ok, but not the lack of standard we've seen sometimes. Plus, the group of senior screeners who judge the appeals is even smaller, but it is VERY difficult to see them reverting it on appeals. To be fair here, I have accepted appeals, but I have some rejected...
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