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  • Thank you! But please, as a senior screener, what do you think about it? Is it REALLY an issue here? Does it worth appealing?

    As I said on the "comments to screener" when I uploaded it, and as I said in the post #92, there is absolutely nothing on the post processing creating this bandings, it's just a lot of shades of orange fading to black in a dark sky almonst an hour before sunrise in a 8 bit JPG file with sRGB color space.

    I tried my best on the second upload, the banding was reduced, not even in the equalized image the banding is so strong. If it's possible to eliminate it from the JPG photo, I really don't know how...

    Being honest with you as much as possible: not even the vignetting is there, I uploaded a wingview as example of photo with similar conditions, it's natural, the rest of the sky is black...
    Unfortunately the print screen on post #92 is too small and it is not visible, but the lens profile is activated with vignetting...
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  • ok, thank you!...
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  • Hi, asking for help with the same photo again

    First, thanks for the tip of the horizon, taking another look I had to agree with the unlevel, so I applied 0,3 CW, looks better!

    Now about the vignetting, which wasn't even an issue on the first rejection: there is no vignette at all, dark corners are visible only in the upper part of the image, the lenses does vignette in all corners. The image was taken in the early moments of dawn at about 45 minutes before sunrise, the sun rises exactly in that part of the sky seen in the image (see planet Venus next to the tail), that part is more lit than the rest of the sky, it's natural, just a bit up this frame the sky was black.
    It is an 4 seconds exposure image, the sky was very dark.

    And then comes again the overprocessed/bad post processed. I'm assuming it is due to the banding again, which is way weaker than the first rejected upload...
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