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  • Less than a year between them, the already accepted photos were taken at september 2020, those 2 that I want to upload now were taken this week, july 2021

    In my opinion the first of my last post, with this morning light and low fog, is a lot more beautiful than this one
    Is it allowed to remove a picture to upload another?...
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  • Hi, I have these 2 photos of LX-NCL accepted:

    The following attached photos will be similar?...
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  • Sorry, don't know what happened, just saved the photo and uploaded here.

    here it goes again.

    About the equalized, do you believe that is not an issue with the processing? I made nothing different from the other photos that i'm uploading from that day. It probrably happened due to a combination of the lens and a teleconverter I was using for the smaller planes, and I really can't fix it on lightroom...
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  • Hi, can this be accepted? (the photo is no longer on queue, just wanted to check with the JP's equalize).

    I tried a lot on Lightroom to remove the vignette (actually I went to far on reducing the vignette as the extreme corners are starting to become too clear), but the fact is that the issue is not a darker corner like a vignette, the problem is the center that for some reason received more light than the corners, some issue with the lens wich for me is impossible do fix on editing...
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  • Hi Dana!

    Well, that is the rule, ok, my bad.

    But I must say that I do believe it's not cool. I don't feel good about wasting your time asking for an advice for a rejection that looks so clear that was a mistake and I can easily explain why I think it was a mistake, like I did. And I affirm that it was a mistake because I can see the original file where is more easy to see that it is not unlevel. Plus, one screener said it needed CW, you said it needed CCW, even if a appealed after asking here, it could be rejected since the screeners doesn't always agree, you could say it's ok to appeal but other screener could reject.

    Just to be clear, I'm not here to judge or complain about what I believe to be a mistake, it happens and it's ok.
    I understand you want to avoid the unecessary appeals, but as visible on the full size crop I sent above, this was not the case. Just wanted to see if we could find another solution, because with only 20 slots and...
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  • I will ask for your help then, because I really like this picture with this light and the background!

    Well, it was rejected, I appealed it because even with the picture looking a little bit unlevel due to the angle, a lot of vertical stuffs were ok:
    • green building next do the nose gear;
    • white cable car pillar next to the engine;
    • light pole next to the main gear;
    • building under the red painting of the tail;
    • (I don't trust on the light pole next do nose gear, it's more crooked to the right than the others).

    All of this were ok even looking on the original size photo, but the appeal was rejected and the screener said it needed CW. The picture I uploaded on my previous post is with only 0,5 CW, and now I agree with you, it looks like needs CCW =(

    Look the attached file, it's the uploaded and rejected photo, look the white pillar compared to the edge of the photo! Well, can I appeal it again?...
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  • Hi!

    I got this rejection by horizon unlevel, how is it now?...
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