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  • I had this photo rejected, but see a similar photo accepted. Is the size of the silhouette the deal breaker here? Or is this just subjective?

    Rejected photo:
    Similar photo in DB:
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  • pre-screening advice - jpmagero

    Good morning. I was wondering if this composition would be acceptable here? I'm really looking for input on the composition (social media download, so degraded quality here). I'm always hunting for the perfect intersection/moon-strike, but personally I rather liked this one too.

    Thanks in advance.
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  • I have the R5 and have started shooting with the RF 100-500 and the RF 70-200 lenses. AF is insane, and low light / high ISO is impressive as well. Some of my latest photos (after a long hiatus) have been shot with the 100-500, and I've also shot a few with the EF 500 f/4.0 using the basic EF to RF adaptor. Link to my photos

    I did have the R and RP prior to the R5 so dealt with the learning curve earlier for the mirrorless system and the new button layouts, etc. and now that I'm used to it I love it.

    I did have some trouble with, I think, is a combination of technique and the 100-500 lens. I was constantly getting motion blur when panning (not low shutter speed panning, but panning the lens) at any speed below 1/1600s. Handheld at low shutter speeds was fine, but when panning, it's almost like the IS was conflicting with my intention. I didn't see the same problem with the 500 (shot that hand held down to 1/500 and didn't see the same issue. I initially ended...
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