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  • Just figured out how to add a photo... This was rejected for part of aircraft cut off .. also for other issues which is OK, but had there been no other issues would this crop be accepted?
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  • Thanks for the replies so why would a very similar shot as the one linked be rejected with the only reason being "part of aircraft missing"? Every one i upload with bits missing meet the criteria... tail is fully in frame engines in frame wheels in frame.. Absolutely identical to every other similar shot in the DB but i cant recall ever getting one accepted (Some have other issues/faults and that is fine and acceptable,but my issue is only with that single rejection reason) sorry i dont know how to upload an example pic to this chat thread, but as i say the crop is always very similar to the linked shot i posted...
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  • "Part of aircraft cut off"

    Can anyone from the screeners please explain the criteria for getting a close up shot of an aircraft onto the database? There is literally thousands of shots on the database with over half the wings missing or more.. This is just a random one as you can see much of each wing is missing, however any time i upload a similar to this shot i get the rejection "part of aircraft missing" Why? I can find no detailed guideline on exactly what parts of aircraft are allowed to be missing
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