Have I bothered you? During your so-called 'Crew' activities?

Man, let me tell you one thing. You once have complained that you have to delete so many of my forum entries (!) .

The truth is, it is your fault that you have to delete all of my 'three letter forum entries' !

In the past 3 (three) hours I have tried to only write 'good entries'. Among them one with a decent length as I assume.

One question:

Is it forbidden to write a forum entry, also when nobody since

a given time

has written an answer?

That, if you look at it, might look like spam. But you are a human being. I assume that you make a difference between
two posts, written by me, with a difference in time of more than 3 or 7 days or more!

It is not my fault when nobody is able or willing to answer my forum entries.

Dear greetings, my friend.