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  • Well they never taught pilots to land an airplane in a crab, not that many pilots didn't anyway. That meeting had all the old Chief Pilots who had been flying for many years and we were all taught, back then how to use the rudder pedals for more than a foot rest.

    I remember 50 years ago flying in/out of Seattle Tacoma airport. They could get some very strong crosswinds. I was flying a Cessna 402 and later an Embraer Banderante. I found with a propeller it was easy to just pull the downwind engine back to idle ahead of the other engine and the nose would swing down the runway and just a little rudder and wing down and you were on. Wouldn't work with a jet.
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  • Back in the 90's when Boeing purchased Douglas, Boeing had a big meeting in Seattle for all the world wide Boeing/Douglas operators. Chief Pilots/Chief Flight Engineers. One of the Boeing Engineers was making a presentation and at the end he commented on a picture of a 747 landing a Hong Kong's Kai Tac airport in a nearly 45 deg crab. "Boeing aircraft are capable of even landing in a severe crab," he says at the end of his presentation.

    Well then it was a Douglas Engineer's turn. He stepped up, introduced himself and said "first of all I want you all to know we, Douglas, never taught anyone to fly our aircraft like that!"

    He got a standing ovation!!!!!!
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