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  • Nope not crappy management. Just the owner would borrow money from the other companies, Helicopter, Farms, ground handling and Museum to make it thru the slow time of year. It finally caught up with him and he passed away a year or so later.
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  • Had a nice lunch with some old friends I used to work with back in the 90's. We were talking about the equipment we flew (74-100's and 200's with P&W engines) and how reliable they were. I remembered a meeting we had with United where they wanted to do our engine overhauls. I asked the fellow how many hours United got between overhauls. He smiled and held up his hand, 5 thousand hours he said. I then asked our VP of Mx how many we got. Bob smiled and held up one hand and said "I'll give you 5 thousand and his other hand and here's another. The United guy looks and said, "your getting 10,000 hours between overhauls?" Bob says " yes and I have two engine now that have 14,000 hours we are preparing to pull". The United guy just shakes his head and says "how are you doing that?" The president looks at us with a smile and says "your asking us? Thank you all this meetings over". As everyone got up to leave he asked Bob and myself (Chief...
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  • I remember during 747 initial ground school, pointing out to everyone the pages in the book that addressed loss of the pilot tube, or maybe it was loss of the radome. If I remember it gave you pitch attitudes, flap settings and power for different airspeeds. Good information for me when my instructor started playing games during my sim check.
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