Hello again.

You see, if someone has the trust in you, you can really make it, from a rather ordinary Junior member to a decent jetphotos member.
But the next step, to the Senior member, is not really near, I can tell you ...

During the past 12 years someone tried to calculate and he said that I am not good for more than 125 entries during one year.

Alex, this is not top secret or is it? [Another Senior member]

If you do not write more entries per year than me, you need almost 10 years to become a jetphotos Senior member... Now the rest is up to you, use a calculator if needed...

Pacific Ocean, US West Coast? Yes.
That's where I am not all too often with Randazzo's LH-B744 simulator, especially not south of Seattle WA and north of the Frisco Bay...

But I definitely promise improvement, on the West Coast!

Here on this platform by far you are not alone on the Pacific Coast!