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  • ErwinS answered something like "wasn't it answered before" or something like that. I know posted again in another thread. Seems a goof way to post in several threads to get an answer. I'm sure there will be also no answer...
    -> used identical settings for sharpening and no noise reduction and also same for lightning settings as it came good out of RAW camera. So no need to tweak that much on that photo. Except basic things like we all do in lightroom. Maybe tail is a bit too dark at the rudder...
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  • No one can give me correct answers why untitled is the correct airline so I asked several times for a correct airline as all registrys I found are canceled.

    Please advise me if the operator is known otherwise it's unknown as its a simple white helicopter:
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  • If so I wouldn't write here...still makes no sense especially in the case with the helicopter. Till now there is no answer only that it is like the screener want to have it. Thats why I also asked to give me a valid operator as it seems the operator is good to find and I'm maybe not able. But no one answered and I also explained why unknown is correct....
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  • Rejection decisions

    I uploaded this photo:
    Was rejected for bad airline and after I explained that no information is to find in the web and FAA says the registration is canceled and also an older Canadian one is canceled I appealed. I only got the advice that the title "unknown" is to be used when no information are known. According to the rules it says unknown should be used when no airline can be found. The screener said untitled should be used.

    I understand the subject of "untitled" used maybe for old stored airliners without airline name and only basic coloursheme and old registry. But for a plain white helicopter without previous history and without current history it's simply unknown.

    I asked for further advice but was refered to open a new topic. Sometimes it's a bit strange how some decisions are choosen and they are not that traceable by the users. This above is just one reason, I personal had...
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  • Last time I had opened a new thread it was linked into here with a similar problem. But then I open a new topic no problem. But its I nice I have arguments and also stated them a bit simply in the appeal and it seems no one cares.

    Or I should ask for the definition of unknown and maybe the dictionary and others are wrong what that word means. Seems unknown has many meanings I maybe do not know.

    Good thing: While I'm writing here it's all working time for me good thing to work in government ...
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  • So you are not answering any questions? Good intention...also on my question about the regulations.

    Tell me now the different between untitled and unknown? These helicopter is not painted or something else. Its white and has a kind of "selling registry" or so. That would mean it's unknown. The "screener" said unknown applies if the operator is totally unknown. So what is the operator? If you seems to have better database ideas then tell me the correct one and I can reupload.
    According to the rules unknown applies if there is no way to find the correct airline. That is the case.
    By the way I checked some more information and there is nearly nothing. It had a Canadian registry but this was deleted in 2015 and when I took the photo in 07/2019 the FAA also canceled the registration already a month earlier. So it is unknown...

    Also the photo was taken close a storage and scrapping area with some old planes and newer ones waiting for...
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  • I requested Hinton Airport a few days ago but also not added. Is it it only has a non IATA code? But it has a paved runway and can handle buisness jets. Just want to know if I have to wait for adding or add my photo with "other location" tag

    Hinton Airport - CEC4

    your Helipad in Canberra is in the database just checked Hinton and also checked yours. Yours is in the system
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  • I uploaded and was rejected after appealing only because the difference of "untitled" and "unknown". The comment was that the last only has to be used when the owner is unknown. So please tell me the owner...
    I don't see the sense of rejection and then reupload again just for a word. Its no wonder the queue is so long when rejection for a word. And then reupload and screen as hot and so on.
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