I still have my problems with this shiny new forum. Exactly here where I am writing now, the forum asked me to write something.
Something. But where does that land? In the early days that landed somewhere in the visitor messages. But they do no longer exist don't they. So.. an experiment. I like to send you this text with a Thank You, for your answer concerning server capacities. 430 mostly unknown visitors in the forum at this very moment? In my eyes that's alot, at 01:24 CET , in the middle of the night.
Ich möchte gerne dass unser aller Lieblingsforum so schnell bleibt wie ich es immer gewohnt war. Wenn ich für stabile Server spenden kann sags mir. Es ist doch Weihnachten.
Sorry for my language excursion. And.. a Merry Christmas from me and my home airport, EDDL International.