Hi Alex. Can you tell me something about the logic which
uses to ban jetphotos junior members like RaulAlonso. ?

I mean, I only try to understand what your adjutant* DLOWWA does. Raul only wrote 1 forum entry, and I have read what Raul wrote.
*dt.: Adjutant, Beisitzer, Lehrling.

Raul was not offensive in his words.

The First Step in my eyes would be, warn Raul. The Second Step would be, copy what Raul wrote and then show it to you.

I would never ban junior members, when that includes the fact that a whole topic with three forum entries will be deleted, so that even one of the contributors
who indeed is Me,
is no longer able to find that topic!

Btw, that was not a top secret topic, Raul only asked if there is a difference between what we call
A340-313X .

The last question is, everytime when DLOWWA is online, a) I should be offline, b) he deletes everything which I write
c) or what the hell is wrong with him?!

Thank You for your patience!