Good morning Switzerland!

Only a few minutes ago, I had a problem when I tried to edit one of my forum posts. And, to be honest, until I told Dlowwa about that in a public visitor message,
quite alot of ... let's say unqualified persons were online here on our beloved jetphotos forum server.

Do we have a problem with the nightshift? I mean, so very often I was thinking about, what would I have done in this case if I were more than an ordinary jetphotos senior member. And more than once a year I see what seahawk and you are confronted with, alot of what here in Germany I would call 'Kernschrott'.

I mean, I love the nightshift, I am a nightowl, otherwise I would not be online here on our beloved platform, rather during the night than during the day. In case of a doubt, my day begins at 2300 and ends not before 0800.

Then I go to breakfast, and then I go to bed.

The only doubt that I have, am I relaxed enough for the jetphotos forum nightshift. Or do I still have to learn something from a man in Switzerland who is two or three days younger than me..

If the problem with the nightshift becomes bigger, you know where to find me.

Dear Greetings from Lohausen International to Switzerland.