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Alex - Spot-This !
Alex - Spot-This !
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    Huhu. Tonight I think we can stay on the official forum language, which is English, of course. But at least for you, that sometimes must be boring, as I assume. Switzerland, the home of the language artists, Deutsch, Italiano, Francais,
    and English. That's why I admire Vladimir Petkovic (*1963) so very much, who is able to curse you in at least 4 languages,
    Serbo-Croatian, German, Italian and French.
    English does not seem so very common in Switzerland, da sind wir ja froh das wir nicht aufs Italienische ausweichen müssen.

    I am here again for a rather inofficial, only half official question.

    Who do you think is younger, Erwin or Seahawk?
    I wouldn't ask you if I knew the answer.
    But Erwin in my eyes definitely is younger in mind! What he recently said, we can't always ban members who do not obey
    Adolph Knigge (1788_)
    during every second in their life. That almost made me think that Erwin is not much older than you or me!

    Again, very very dear greatings to Switzerland,
    an insult is an insult, as long as it stays in Las Vegas. We all are grown men, and I am sure, that together with Erwin,
    and also with Mr Petkovic, I could use one Pinot Grigio or one Heineken,
    even if we had an issue one hour before.
    That's why I like Erwin. And Mr Petkovic.

  • Alex - Spot-This !
    I'm sorry I missed your message - So yeah basically Erwin is younger than Stefan, probably by 10 years or so. Erwin must be 38 or so while Stefan is approaching 50.
    And Petkovic is really not so good on languages, actually he only speaks Italian. Never saw him speak french, maybe a little bit of German but I'm not even sure.
    And don't forget in Switzerland we do have 4 languages.... Romanche being the 4th. And yes now people speak more and more english, that's actually often the language we use to talk between french and german Swiss... Or french. One thing which is sure, German speaking swiss learn french WAY better that we learn german... a shame but a reality.
    I did my full army in The Zurich area (Dübendorf exactly) so I used to have a good level of Swiss-German, now I've lost most of it

    have a nice weekend !

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