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  • Hi,
    Thank you for your reply Marklawrence. I already know these general guidelines for new uploads. But I'm asking for a guideline/hints/rules for reuploads. In my case I'm talking about scans which I try to improve but I don't know why the obviously better edit is rejected. For scans lower quality is accepted but problably in this genre the quality requirements rose in the meantime compared to older accpted uploads.As long as I don't get get the rejection reasons for a rejected reupload I cannot handle proper for futuere reuploads. To edit scans take much more time than digital shots and I do not want to waste time for hopeless reedits.Brgds Rainer
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  • Hi,

    thxs AndrewC75 for your reply. That is exactly what I did how you described it. The problem is, that you don't get any reason for the rejection of the reuploaded pic and you don't know if it makes sense to reedit it again or if it is hopeless and in addition I can't find any guideline for the reupload-requirements. I still count on that a crew member can give an answer. Besides that I tried to find the image in the search function with the id number but failed. But at least now I know to write it in the browser behind the JP URL. Not the best solution but it works.


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  • Hi,
    due to no answer so far I try it another way:
    Is there somewhere a guideline concerning reuploads. After a quick search I cannot find any.
    I really would like to reupload some improved edits of old scans but it is senseless when I don't know the rules and don't get any reasons by rejections.
    Imo the db would also benefit of improved edits.

    Best greetings

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  • comet1
    started a topic Reupload Screening mail

    Reupload Screening mail

    I just got a rejection for a reuplod with the ID 6160326. The mail doesn't tell me which pic it was and I'm not able to find the ID-No. neither in the Db nor in my photographers section. The reason for the rejection was also not given. The mail asked to reply on it for an appeal but the mail returns as undeliverable. Can someone help?
    EDIT: After some research I found out, that it must be this pic I tried a reuplod with this version:

    In my eyes a quite good improvement although still not excelent.
    Brgds R. Spoddig
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