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  • snddim01
    replied to Editing advices
    The weather is indeed good in images 2 and 3, but the light is not. There is no direct sunlight on the KLM. The Norwegian has only a small amount on the nose and the top of the fueselage.

    I promise you, there is no room for editing. I have 1864 accepted photos on here and an acceptance ratio of 89% so I know what the screeners are looking for. Both these pictures will fail no matter how you edit them.

    I sympathise with the weather. I live in Scotland and know the problems it causes. We rarely see sunshine in this wet and windy island.

    If your goal is to get images accepted on Jetphotos, then the best advice I can give you is not to visit the airport unless there is a good chance the sun will shine. And position yourself so that the sun is behind you and illuminating the whole aircraft.

    Suncalc is a useful website for determining at what angle the sun will shine from.

    Good luck!

    Edited to add - this is...
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  • snddim01
    replied to Editing advices
    Lack of contrast is the common theme in all your rejections.

    Pick one of the registrations and then look at the last dozen images which Jetphotos accepted of that aircraft. The majority of them will have one thing that your pictures lack - sunlight. The sun will be shining in most of those images and illuminating the whole side of the aircraft which is visible. As a result the planes will stand out from the background.

    I doubt editing will save these pictures. The light simply wasn't good enough on the day you took the images.

    You CAN get images accepted when shot under cloudy skies but for now I'd suggest you go for the basics of putting the sun behind you and making sure it fully lights your subject before submitting images. Doing that will vastly increase your chances of having pics accepted....
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