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  • The sun reflection line under the windows just really gets it and starting off fresh in editing it was starting to get some halos... With that said went for a different shot from the 3/4 rear angle.

    Think this one stands a better chance. The change in angle took away a lot of the golden hue. Makes me think this no longer qualifies to have the "night shot" box checked....
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  • Alright so I did try brightening and holding the contrast. Was rejected and appeal rejection said it lacks light tones as confirmed by the histogram. Really don't know if there is much else to do... Gave it a little bit of a boost in the contrast and added some brightening but not sure if there is much else that can be done......
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  • Will brighten and likely hold contrast as is. Forgot there was an old thread from that long ago.. appreciate the consolidation....
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  • Hello,

    Would appreciate some help with this shot: Rejected for contrast (too much or too little) and dark/underexposed. Picture was taken about 10 minutes after sunrise time and there was a fresh coat of snow on the ground. I know the underwing will lack shadows and the only true tell of contrast is the blacks which in this case really are your gear and they are pure black. As for the dark/underexposed... is there really any more movement to play with this? I personally don't think this is far off from being an acceptable image (if not really at that point). Please let me know what would be needed to get over the hurdle with this one....
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