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  • [QUOTE=dlowwa;n1092474]

    Thanks a lot Dana, I've only queued the first thus far and the third can serve other targets.

    Now i would like a prescreen on the following photos

    Is this one too backlit/dark/ bad contrast??

    Again not the entire aicraft on the original as it took off far quicker as I expected. So again, is this crop OK? Is the crop too tight on the wing? Entire wing is included.

    Same story as second. But here also unsure on softness especially around the nosegear.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Best Regards....
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  • [QUOTE=dlowwa;n1091817]

    Thanks Dana, I've queued it.

    I have two questions at the moment

    First of all of this reject. I've found the dust spot, but I'm unsure if i fixed it properly in the attached re-edit.
    As it only appeared in my pre-final edit and i rmoved it working into the final edit here.

    At second i would like a prescreen on these two photos.

    A very early morning shot about half an hour after sunrise. Sun head on the aircraft, but pretty heavy crop, So no idea if it has any chance, An extra view would be appreciated.

    Not great contrast I know, but just exactly in sunset. Extra eye on the sharpening would also be appreciated,although I could of course always re-edit on a smaller size.

    Thanks in advance....
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  • Thank you Alex! ...
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  • [QUOTE=dlowwa;n1091739]

    Check the histogram. Big gap on right.

    Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my question,
    I found the gap on the right side of the histogram.
    Problem for me is the sun reflecting in the nose, which leads to a highlight warning in the histogram of my lightroom.
    But maybe I should ignore that in the future.
    So I bring now a re-edit of this sot with increased exposure,
    I'm curious if it's good know, or if I still have to change things. Also to learn for myself in cases like these

    Thanks in advance...
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  • Apparently the FR24 directors thought different about it, as it's now showing at FR24.
    In my opinion, the entire scheme should be visible, and in my opinion, it is in this case
    I only found out, due to the increased daily views for a couple of days.
    Thank you to the one(s) involved.

    Best Regards...
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  • Thanks a lot Dana, Maybe I try 2 and 3.

    I have two questions at the moment.

    At first I've received this reject yesterday for dark/underexposed.
    It doesn't seem that under exposed to me, but I have to agree the shadows are pretty dark.
    The sun reflecting on the nose,makes it also diffcult for me to expose it properly.
    Is there a reliable solution for angles like this?,because I don't exactly know what to do with it.

    At second I have a prescreen request for two photos.

    Especially contrast and maybe sharpness are my biggest worries here. Conditions were though, gloomy light and reflections. Later on the sun left....

    Especially the crop (the entire aircraft was not included in the original file) and heathaze are my biggest worries here. Maybe sharpness and contrast will also come into play.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Best Regards...
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  • Today I reached the milestone of my 1000th photo accepted into the database

    A big Thank You to the JP-team and others accepting my photos and assisting with editing advice, pre-screen and other site-related things.
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