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  • Hello

    I've received this reject and i don't really agree on this one

    Oversharpen, I can imagine, seeing some jaggies, but don't think it ain't that bad IMO.
    Heat haze I don't understand ,as there is no haze affecting the main subject.
    For surance I did an littlle unsharp en resized , ending in this.
    Don't know if it's any better so if necessary a prescreen would be appreciated

    Regarding this reject

    Don't know which way to go with it as i could imagine it's too green, too purple, and also totally oversaturated or even too harsh contrast
    So any guidance would be appreciated here.

    Thanks in Advance...
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  • Thanks alot about Dana,

    I've tried my luck with an (in my eyes) improved version of the Korean 787-9.

    Now I would like a prescreen of two photos.

    The reason I'm uploading two photos from the same sequence here is the fact, that I think that the TK 787-9 is backlit as the Avianca Cargo is not in my eyes.
    For both is the contrast difficult (caused by hazy sunlight) and i'm unsure about the sharpness (especially on the TK.

    Thanks in Advance....
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