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  • OK Thanks a lot Dana.

    I tried to rework the Ukranian Boeing 737-900. Is it better now? Still not sure about the sharpness. Didn't change the rest of the edit. If it fails so be it.

    Other two I give up due to bad originals

    I would like prescreen/advice on this one

    Biggest issues for me are crop (entire aircraft was not on the original, taken just behind the wing, didn't want to cut engine, wheel or titles) centering and contrast.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Best Regards....
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  • Thanks Dana, I'll keep it personal.

    I would like pre-screen/advice on this three photos

    Main worries are contrast, sharpness, glare and horizon.
    Main worries are contrast, exposure, color and backlit,
    Main worries are exposure and backlit.

    if there are other issues, I would like to know as well.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Best Regards....
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  • OK thanks Dana,

    Made a re-edit on the smallest size allowed here for the KLM T7 and brought it to the queue.

    Here another attempt for the Air France 789. The worries as earlier mentioned still remain.
    So if you got some time to eyeball it ,it would be great.

    Thanks in Advance....
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  • Hello,

    Returned from holiday and found this reject.
    As it is a panning attempt I know the sharpness isn't that great, but after studying it, I'm not really sure which way to go with it.
    Should I bring it back to 1200px or make a re-edit without the engine (which seems the softest part to me as I don't really agree with the reject)

    As second I would like a prescreen from this photo

    Biggest worries for me are glare/contrast/exposure and sharpness.

    Thanks in advance,

    Best Regards.
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  • Mine are by far not displayed by FR24 anymore. Both were shots from June 2018. The All Blacks Boeing 77W is one if the most photographed aircraft shown here and Etihad A380 A6-APH, were I'm talking about, is already been brought back to his normal livery....
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  • I also had it a couple of days ago with two shots taken at LHR in June 2018. One of the ANZ All Blacks Boeing 77W and and Etihad A380 in Year of Zayed livery. They both received a lot of views around average 80 views for 3 or 4 days. Now they turned back to normal.
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