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  • Thanks a lot again Dana,

    I've brought modified versions in terms of sharpness to the queue

    Yesterday I've received this reject

    I would like to receive some extra explanation about it.
    Soft I could imagine as I see some soft areas , but hard lines are visible
    Color I don't really understand, maybe a little too oversaturated (orange/green)

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    Best Regards....
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  • OK Thanks Dana.

    I would like a prescreen on these two photos

    Would this one be worser with contrast compared to previous post???. Aircraft was turning a little to right, so it took a little more sun. Sorry for being annoying maybe, But I want to figure this out as much as possible.

    I'm also unsure about this photo.

    There was a dustspot partially at the left wing. I had to remove it on a different way as usual. i want to know if it's done well or If i could receive something like a bad processing reject for it.
    I'm also unsure about the contrast, compression and the color on this one.

    Thanks in advance....
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  • [QUOTE=dlowwa;n1094303]

    OK thanks a lot Dana,
    Maybe I''ll only try the fourth one once.

    Now I would like a prescreen on only this photo. I'm (again) struggling with the contrast and exposure on this one. Is there something fixable to get out of this, as the sun is almost on the nose of the aircraft.
    Rest should be OK I guess, unless I missed something by accident of course.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards...
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  • [QUOTE=dlowwa;n1092893]

    Thanks a lot Dana, I've tried my luck with the second.

    Now I would like a prescreen om some old stuff.

    These are all old images without RAW-files. I've tried to sort the most things out. However If there are issues with contrast, centering ,sharpness , horizon and compression. i would like to know. Even more important for me if they could be fixable, because I have only JPEG-from these.

    Thanks in advance....
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